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    Is email dying?

    I don't mean going obsolete, I meat being killed by spam. I've had a few incidents lately where I sent out emails, and got almost zero replies. These were replies to ads I put up on craigslist and kijiji, where the person said they were interested. I send out my phone number and ask for...
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    Thump thump thump as I shake old oil out of filter

    Filter was in service for 9mo/6700 miles, and while tipping it over, I felt a soft "bump" from inside the filter. I shook it a bunch of times, and there was definitely something loose in there. What is going on? You can guess the brand of filter...
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    Quirk(s) found in new software

    noticed one, cosmetic: Find a three page thread, and click on "all". The page displays all pages in one, but says "page 1 of 3" in lower and upper right corners.
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    Gasket crumbling, AGAIN

    First it was an STP filter that broke its gasket after 2 years. This time, a Canadian made Fram has a crumbling gasket after only 12 months in a car that sat on a lot and was never driven. Beware the plastic framed filters with the rubber gasket that wraps around the frame. Do Not Buy these...
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    Ear experiment - try this

    Put an ear plug in one ear and go for a drive in your car. Take earplug out after you stop the car.
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    speaking of Generators ...

    Has anyone else wondered if one brand is more efficient than another? Suppose you're facing a three day blackout, and want to power a 1000W average load. How many gallons of gas will you need? Materials: 1 generator (keep outdoors when operating) 1 kw-hr meter 1 space heater (on extension...
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    True expiry dates for medication

    There should be a database where people can look up how long their medication really lasts. OTC stuff typically sports a three year expiry. Do you really believe every kind of stuff expires after three years? I have a bottle of calcium pills that expired in 2008, but it's basically powdered...
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    Flatus Tax

    How can these gases be regulated? Will they impost a flatus tax system? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Flatus is composed mainly of CO2 and methane, which are now...
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    Where does the extra The come from?

    This is going to make a lot of people here self conscious, but I've noticed a good portion of people add an extra "the" in front of some words, where it isn't really needed. eg. "I added four quarts of the Supertech oil to my car". I suspect it's a holdover from many of the European...
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    Groups of Three Plane Crash Reports

    The news media always reports plane crashes in groups of three, each separated by about a week. Why is this done? When did this tradition start?
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    Garly vegetables coming back to the EU

    I was at a store the other day, and noticed they had a special bin proudly displaying curly cucumbers. I had no idea that would have been officially frowned upon in Europe. But times are changing, and the EU is going to allow ugly back into the supermarkets. <a...
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    What's your home population density?

    Mine is about 1 per 600 sq ft, which is more than needed. Take the size of your home/apartment/shanty, and divide by the number of people living there.
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    Full circle - making gasoline out of ethanol

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They have found a way to take 115 octane ethanol and turn it into low octane petroleum fuel, after yet another loss of energy in the conversion...
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    Where's washer fluid pump relay on a Subaru Legacy

    I can't find the darn thing. There must be one somewhere. When I pull the lever, there's a click from inside the steering column cover near the lever, and the wipers start cycling, but no power goes to the pump. I found two relays where my left foot sits, but neither of them are trying to...
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    The BITOG GM Buyout

    Do you think if we got enough members together, we could buy out GM at its current share price? Think of the possibilities. We could get them to put a drain plug on all their automatic transmissions, and we could tell them where to put the oil filter, so it's easy to change. Maybe we could...
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    Salt-injected Beef

    Has anyone gotten a batch of beef that tasted like it was puffed up with a heavy dose of brine? I know people are trying to save money, but tampering with the food supply is a no-no.
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    Are insurance rates all just made up?

    Why would a year 2000 subaru legacy cost less to insure than a 2004 model? The design is exactly the same, and the safety systems are the same. The newer one, in fact, should be safer, since none of the parts are rusting and ready to fall apart, and the mileage is lower. Is it all just a...
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    How hardis it to replace HLA's on a Saturn SL1?

    I've never done this job before, but it *looks* like all you do is remove the screws that hold down the rocker arms, and away you go. I'm not sure which valve is ticking, but there is a noise, and the exhaust note has a 4/4 beat to it instead of a steady drone. I hope it's not something nasty...
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    How to fix the frozen fuel filler door problem.

    My car's fuel filler door often freezes shut in winter, and I can't put gas in because I can't get it open. The problem is caused by the orientation of the opening. The rectangular door is oriented with the upper and lower flat parts on the level. A film of water builds up in the lower gap...
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    Mobil 1 0w20, 7900 miles Subaru 2.5 na, dust leak

    engine has over 100,000 miles, oil filter Fram XG with the wire mesh backing. Air filter was STP made in Israel. Replacement identical but Purolator brand. Pb 6 Cu 1 Cr 1 (previously 0) Fe 17 (previously 7 after 5500 miles) Si 13 (prev 10 after 5500 miles) Na 15 moly 95, zn 788, p 759, mg 11...