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    Should I grease caliper guide pins on an Audi?

    whats BMW's logic on not greasing the caliper slide pins?
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    One torque wrench for 5-125 ft lbs?

    never had any failures, since using this torque wrench, and the cost of calibration would be the same as I bought it used on Ebay, the track record of no head bolts giving me any issues or any torqued bolts for that matter. I don't rebuild engines anymore, the cost isn't justified
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    2000 Toyota Celica GTS - Oil questions, help, opinions, and experience sought.

    Bitter this is 01 Celica GT from toyotanation and that used to be my username there and here, we used to discuss my auto GTS which was very slow lol, rebuilt the motor before I sold it, when I bought it, it burned oil between oil changes. back to the point, for your purpose, maybe the boutique...
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    One torque wrench for 5-125 ft lbs?

    Hey Critic, I have an old Snap on 3/8" digital torque wrench, which is 5-100 ft*lbs range, it is also an angle wrench and I have never gotten it calibrated as it came calibrated (bought it used) I have rebuilt 99 engines with it and countless other repairs that I had the torque specs on, reusing...
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    2021 Mobil 1 Rebate?

    all three of my rebates arrived in the form of virtual prepaid card, bought Walmart gift cards with them and since I buy my oil from Walmart anyways, works for me, I do wish they offered checks like the used to.
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    What % of submitted rebates have you received back?

    almost 100%, once there was a rebate for QS (green bottle) i bought from Menards, submitted the rebate, and I never ever received it, everything else including any Pennzoil rebate have been 100%, never tried Castrol rebates yet, but their deals aren't usually that good.
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    2021 Mobil 1 Rebate

    I wonder why they are doing that to you, I got approved last year and this year, with the online receipt, I just went to my Walmart orders, expanded the details and took a screen shot with all the details including "picked up", and then I cropped it using MsPaint, and it seems to always get...
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    Post Your Latest Power Steering Fluid Change

    2008 Lexus ES350 59k, never changed before Out: factory fill (came out black...supposed to be clear, thankful the PSP doesn't leak.) In: Valvoline Multi-Vehicle ATF (Blue Bottle) I got the ATF from AutoZone clearance in 2015 for $4 for a gallon, used it because I had about 1.5 quartz left...
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    Peb Boys free RGT 10 quarts...again

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    Castrol $10 rebate

    perfect, I will grab that if they allow the special pack discount and the rebate together.
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    Castrol $10 rebate

    because my 2GR-FEs are spec'd for 20/30 weights, I prefer to not go thicker if not needed, I use 20 weights in both but would love to use a 0w30 Euro spec oil as they carry more specs then 0w30 AFE from Mobil 1. Its very cold here in Wyoming especially at 7220 feet elevation, so I def wanna use...
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    2009 Lexus RX 350 3.5L 2GR FE piston slap/VVTI ticking

    if you run any 20/30 weight you will be fine, I'm running 20 weight in the 08 Lexus, if you want I can report back as I put on mile quick, I doubt it's gonna really care. Fram Ultra has the highest efficiency at 20 microns and its affordable from Walmart, and if you look at the media, its very...
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    Castrol $10 rebate

    Baller, I wish they had Castrol 0w30 Euro Oil, will this bundle work with the rebate, makes it pretty cheap
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    2019 RAV4 8-speed ATF Change

    perfect, thank you so much, I will buy the adapter and report back because I don't want to hold that bottle with one hand and pump with the other.
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    2009 Lexus RX 350 3.5L 2GR FE piston slap/VVTI ticking

    I figured I would write the OP a novel as well, and be as detailed as possible. My personal experience was 3 years rebuilding Toyota 4 cylinder engines and I got up to 99 engine rebuilds before I called it quits and went ahead and finished my higher education after I got my wife through...
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    2009 Lexus RX 350 3.5L 2GR FE piston slap/VVTI ticking

    double post, how do I delete this?
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    She's a BURNER!

    why would you want to tint your "front" windows, I despise tinted period but front tinted windows, that just sounds ridiculous.
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    2019 RAV4 8-speed ATF Change

    Yes I looked that up, it seems to be something you would use with that specific tool? Also I feel like in the 6 speed AT from early year, will there be enough space to fit that adaptor
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    2019 RAV4 8-speed ATF Change

    How do you keep the line in place at the fill plug, I bought the slippery Pete’s pump(very slow) but I have to hold it in place by hand otherwise it comes out, the “3rd” hand clip they sent doesn’t fit the fill plug, if I can find a solution to keep the line in place without having to hold it...