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    WM Everstart Value 24F

    except the more expensive battery may differ only in the sticker and warranty. that sticker does not improve the battery in any way.
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    Optima batteries made by Clarios

    maybe they will actually improve? the premature failures i see are ridiculous. these were not abused either. the cost to service life ratio is bad! see too many gone at 2 years. and the warranty replacement done in another 2. i still have a few usa made ones still good. no matter what "optima...
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    No shocker, but a rip-off story...

    tell me such nonsense and you have just shot yourself in both feet. nothing further you say is believable. and you certainly wont get the job! slandering your competition is just plain bad form.
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    $39.95 with free delivery. Is this a legitimate place for a Walmart battery?

    never seen a usoffer brick and mortar store. free shipping on a wet lead acid battery? ROFLOL! a real sloppy scam site. but i bet they snag lots of suckers! edit. something else i thought of. it could be a scheme to harvest credit card info.
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    Sealed lead acid batteries? Any brands better than others?

    when you replace them measure the voltage as it charges and esp float. had a ups that was hitting 16v in float per 12v battery. they wanted 13.5-13.8. owner of the ups wondered why it killed a set of batteries every 6 months. they were hitting thermal runaway and literally melting.
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    Using Mini Cord Online Switch On An Extension Cord ?

    but a space heater will melt that switch. for liability reasons they just say no extension cords as they are expected to support the full 15a of a branch circuit.
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    ISOBar expires after being swapped out

    i dont recall ever seeing one fail. that said i replaced all the MOV's in mine for the same reason. they degrade from suppression events. replacement MOV are cheap at digikey and easy to replace. best thing is the units are all metal. so if a catastrophic failure were to occur it would be contained.
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    Can't get rid of the Dropbox folder icon

    ccleaner used to be good. its now owned by avast. they are not trustworthy . bleachbit is the new goto.
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    5.0 TBI cold weather sputtering

    forgot fpr. the spring rusts when pcv clogs up in the tbi base. a rebuild kit is cheap. make sure it has the spring. oh and clean out the tbi base passages. usually when the spring goes truck will fall on its face under load or high rpm. i got one cheap that yoyo'ed cold and stumbled badly...
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    5.0 TBI cold weather sputtering

    clean up that cluster of grounds near the water outlet. common issue on gm tbi . the iac can be crudded up too. or suffering from the bad grounds. the ecm should keep correct idle via the iac at all times. and should command high idle that starts dropping as the coolant temp starts to rise.
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    Fuel pump relay integrated into fuse box?

    not uncommon to find fuse boxes with all sorts of junk integrated. it gets worse. i get ford superduty clusters in with failed "battery saver" junk in them. relays die and your accessories stop working or go intermittent. i will no doubt start seeing those kia fuseboxes in the future coming in...
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    1994 Chevy truck won't start.

    i see so many issues from aftermarket alarms that removing the dammed thing is the first step. about 90% of intermittent stall/no starts are junk alarms. i have even found dealer installed remote kill systems activated on paid off vehicles. got a boxfull of those here. 10 thumbed idiot. ROFLOL!
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    1973 Volkswagen Beetle Problems

    better replace all the fuel lines while you are at it. #1 cause for a total loss fire. when i was a teenager hardly a week went by without one turning into a fireball going down the road. a friend who was a fireman at the time used to prank rookies by letting them put one out with water. once...
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    Flashlights - what's worth purchasing?

    modlite. great. maglites are great mod hosts. i have a few rare ones here i wont do anything to thats not easily reversible but i have several at any given time with upgrades that may cross the line from flashlight to directed energy weapon.
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    Shelf life of AGM battery

    the fact that that battery sat on the shelf filled for that long tells me its not going to be much good. my 99 will reliably start on 2 revolutions and i find the cheap walmart type dry charged are no good past 2 seasons no matter how good you care for them.i suspect the cheaper batts run a very...
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    Repairing potted electronics

    anything is possible. but the type of leads those caps have makes it unlikely for their solder joints to be broken . the leads snap off first. they are likely just supply bypasses and unlikely to stop it dead. having it in hand for inspection would make it easy for me to find the problem.
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    Repairing potted electronics

    first step is to clear the potting from the solder side around the connector and relay. then resolder all the pins. the silver things are capacitors. not likely to be mechanically intermittent.
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    Repairing potted electronics

    start by resoldering the pins on those connectors and the relay at the bottom of the pic.
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    Incandescent bulbs

    i save them whenever i get the opportunity. a led or cfl bulb wont keep reptiles warm. i dont use screw in bulbs for much else. cheap led bulbs are nasty garbage. i have high cri fluorescents and homebuilt high cri led fixtures. nasty cfl and led go outside where poor light quality does not...
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    What animal in in my attic?

    its a wood driller. or carpenter bee. they are destructive so you want to exterminate sooner rather than later.