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    Duraglossed 2 months ago...what now?

    I have 2008 Silver Prius that waxed/sealed in September. I used Duragloss cleaner #101, sealant #105, then finished with aquawax #951. Now that the waether is still fairly nice, I feel like I should reseal it. Do I just continue with the #951, or #105 with the #951 finish, or do the full 3...
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    My dealership is giving me free oil changes

    I purchased an '08 Prius about 2 weeks ago. One of the perks that this dealership offers with all auto purchases is free oil/filter changes for as long as you own the vehicle. Anyways, when the Prius hits 1,000 mi, I plan on replacing the factory fill with Mobil 1 0W-30 and running 5,000 mi...
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    Tire deteriation - How long can I run them?

    41-ML-82992-ML- better discussed in tires section - more exposure to experts
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    Tire deteriation - How long can I run them?

    I bought a 2003 Yamaha Virago last year with only 900mi. That summer I put a total of 2300 mi on the odometer so at this rate, treadwear is not going to be a problem. I don't see any visible cracks. What is the general guideline for tire replacement not due to treadwear? How about the inner tube?
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    Annoying Magnifier box in Windows XP

    Every so often, I get a square box on my screen that magnifies everything I move my mouse over. It must be a certain keystroke combination that I unknowingly do as it only happens once every few weeks. A reboot solves the problem but is annoying when I'm in the middle of something. At first I...
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    Selling our home at a loss - crunching the numbers

    We plan to put our house up for sale soon due to a recent job relocation for me. With the current state of the real estate market, I project that we will leave the closing with a NET LOSS of $30,000 (we've only been here 2 years). Ouch, I know. But then, I started thinking..."Hey, we can buy...
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    Motorhead Messiah - get 100 mpg out of a Lincoln

    This is unbelievable if he really pulled this off <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/11.gif" alt="" title="Cheers2" height="16" width="57" /> "Johnathan Goodwin can get 100 mpg out of a Lincoln Continental, cut emissions by 80%, and double the horsepower. Does the car business have the...
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    GM's Concept Chevy Volt Electric E-Flex Car

    Has this been discussed yet? GM unveiled it’s plans to build an electric car called the Chevrolet Volts at the 2007 Detriot Auto Show. If all that GM say about it is true, I’ll be line to get one. Unlike the current hybrids , the Volts runs completely on an electric motor. The estimated...
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    My 1st experience with a CV Transmission - mixed

    A couple of weeks my 9-5 Saab was hit on the front driver side by another car and had to be towed away. So for the past 2 weeks I've been driving a 2007 Dodge Caliber. With any new car, I always like to play around a little to understand how it responds to different driver inputs. One of the...
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    Added cellulose insulation to attic last weekend

    Last spring, I had my builder add the code min. of fiberglass insulation to in my attic (R-30), so I could go back later and bring it up to R-49 for much less than he was charging. I knew I wanted to use cellulose to top it off because of its superior barrier-like coverage and its r-value gets...
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    Anyone convert wood fireplace to gas logs?

    This will be my first winter in this house. The fireplace is a standard wood burning masonry type. It's new so I need to buy a grate, cleaning tool set, screen, and of course seasoned split wood. I'm also considering skiping the wood thing altogether and go gas logs. A couple of years ago I...
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    Oil for Ariens 724 Snowthrower

    I just purchased a new Ariens 724 Snowthrower. The engine is a Techumsa 7 HP OHV Snow King Engine. Looks like 5W-30 is the factory fill with approval for 0W-30 and 10W-30 weather permitting. Since it takes such little oil, I don't mind using a premium oil. Would a full synthetic like M1...
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    Particle Count 18/14 any good?

    I have an Oilguard BP on my wife's 04 Honda CR-V. I had Blackstone do a particle count with the latest UOA (20,000 miles on the M1 0W-20 oil and 60,000 miles on the engine). Interestingly, the BP element actually is the original when I installed the BP at 11,000 engine miles, so that means...
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    Isolating laundry room noise?

    My laundry room is on the 2nd floor of my house. While the house was under contraction, I installed fiberglass batts to the four walls. The fiberglass works great, but forgetting to insulated the floor was a bad oversight on my part. The floors are hardwood, so I was thinking of slipping some a...
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    What should attic temp be?

    As some of you know, I moved into a new house at the beginning of the summer. It is a two story home with an unfinished attic in Stonington, CT. I mounted the remote thermostat about 4 feet above the floor joist. Yesterday's outside temp topped at 91 F, inside temp 78 F (A/C off all windows...
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    Advice on building an 8x12 shed footing

    My brother will be in town with his carpenter friend next weekend, so I'm thinking this is a good time to build that 8x12 shed I've been wanting. The 3 of us should be able to bang it out in 2-3 days. I was planning to put the shed on cinder blocks. I checked with the town and they said not a...
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    Deck Sealer

    I have a new mahogany deck and front porch that the contractor sealed with Penofin. It looks fantastic right now but I can already see some areas that are fading and graying after 4 months. He said Penofin was better than any stuff I could find at Lowes or HDepot but unfortunate, it's still an...
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    Power Washer - buy or rent?

    I have a big house and big driveway where a power washer would come in handy a few times a year. I'm sure after owning one I could come up with all kinds of things to clean (car, patio furniture and porch/deck, paint stripping, etc.). I the only thing holding me back is everyone I know that...
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    Lawn Fertilizing

    I have a 5 week old lawn that is coming in very nice and thick. The hydroseed method is so much easier to establish than the hand seed/fertilizer method I used with my last house 7 years ago. Anyways, according to Scotts, you should fertilize every other month (roughly 8 weeks) during the...
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    Now I need some debt advice

    I'm in a similiar position, but with $5000. I charged 2,000 on a new HDepot card. Got 10% off everything and 12 months to pay it off with no fees. For the remaing $3,000 on the a standard CC, I did a balance transfer to Chase at 3.9% fixed, $75 oe time fee. I was going to dip into my Money...