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    Guiness pot roast crock pot

    Cooking now in my crock pot and can't wait to get home. This version not only has Guinness, but I also threw in 1/2 cup of Jameson coffee infused whiskey limited edition. I'm all in for the Irish tonight :) Chuck roast yukon gold potatoes carrots celery 1 bottle Guiness 1/2 cup Jameson coffee...
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    My new used car 2018 Avalon

    As some of you read I was searching for a 2012 Avalon to replace my 2003 Grand Marquis. Couldn't find anything worth my money, but did find a 2018 XLE Avalon. Should last me a long time. Mileage 16k as of now. About 15k when purchased. Smooth 3.5 v6 and 6 speed trans. Very quiet interior. It...
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    What about a Toyota Avalon?

    I am looking to replace the Grand Marquis it's starting to nickel and dime me to death. I still like big cars, you know the old man type that runs smooth, quiet and does not garner a lot of attraction from law enforcement? So I will be looking at 2 Avalons, both 2012 Limited models. One with...
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    2006 Lexus GS300 AWD

    I've come across a mint GS300 AWD with only 30k on it. Asking $14k. Thoughts from any owners? Should be a reliable car but I'd like to hear from the horses mouth so to speak. I don't need the car. My 2001 Grand Marquis has a long life ahead and it's not in perfect condition so I don't worry...
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    Harley Road King VR1 3000 miles

    I'm kind of bored so I thought I would post an old UOA on my 2011 Road King using 20w-50 VR1 dino. I never posted it before but I thought some people may want to see. It's from 2012 and my bike had 12k on it. I may test again this summer to see how it's holding up with just over 43k on it. I'm...
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    Another new lawnmower search!

    So last year I bought for myself a Toro Personal pace lawnmower. Starts easy, stows away nice, but the drive system I am not crazy about. Same thing as on my old Snapper, at times when I run into a dead end and have to back the mower up, the wheels don't spin. The drive does not fully disengage...
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    Help me pick a new lawnmower!

    Hi guys I'm looking for advice on a new lawnmower. My criteria: It has to fold for easy storage. My garage is filled with toys and space is a premium. I'd like an easy height adjustment, preferable a single handle. Self propelled. Bag or mulch capabilities. Let's hear your ideas and feedback on...
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    Vavoline and Castrol motorcycle oil

    I thought I'd post in this section because it's motorcycle specific. I was at Autozone this evening, and all the Valvoline and Castrol motorcycle oils are on sale for $2.99/qt. Anybody have any opinions on these oils?
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    2003 Grand Marquis / Crown Vic

    Just bought this car. Looking thru the owners manual, it specs 5-20w for oil. It's been so long since I'vve had a V-8, and maybe I'm thinking about days gone by, but I'm pretty hesitant to use this grade of oil. Any Crown Vic/ Merc owners out there? What are you using?
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    2003 Grand Marquis cold air intake

    Does anybody offer a cold air intake for this car? Are there any forums I can find information for Crown Vic / Marquis owners?
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    Speedometer cable lube

    Anybody lubing their speedo cable? What are you using?
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    Amsoil EAO filters for Harley

    Can anybody tell me the difference between the EAOM134 and the EAOM135? Are the filters different lengths? I have a 1988 Evo and a 2006 FXD, and I'd like to use the largest capacity filter for both bikes.
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    Beat Ratio

    On the WIX website, beta ratio is given for the filters when you look one up. What is beta ratio? What does it mean? Why don't I see it on other manufacturers websites?
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    8k OCI on a FL400S?

    I have a 1999 Sable and I am now using M15w-30 for a once per year oil change which is approx 8k. Is the filter up to it? Or should I be using something else?
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    New Harley Davidson Formula +

    Anybody have any idea what this new stuff is from Harley? It's supposed to be used for transmissions and primary lubrication. It has to be better than the old sport trans fluid, I'm wondering if it's closer to a 75-90 gear lube than in the past. Any analysis done on it?
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    oil life

    I am fairly new to this site. I am wondering how long should oil last with a bypass filter? Is it true oil does not wear out, but the contaminents are why we have to change it? Theoretically, can one run oil forever if it is filtered properly?
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    Magnefine filters

    Are these filters a magnet? How can they filter on an automatic transmission, isn't most of the wear aluminum? Aluminum is not magnetic. Does anybody use these filters? What am I missing? How good are they?
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    3K dino vs 6K synthetic

    Hypothetical question. If you pay twice as much for synthetic and change every 6K, and pay half as much for dino but change it twice as often (3K), what benefit does the synthetic have over the dino? Cost wise, it's equal. I would guess the synthetic gave better protection, and would not sludge...
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    Mercon vs MerconV

    My '99 Sable syas use MerconV on the dipstick. My manuel says Mercon. Whats the difference? Also, where can I find info on the quality of atf's? I poumped out what I could, and poured in dexron/mercon from Murrays Auto. I did this 2 weekends in a row, I'm trying to flush out the old. Is Murrays...
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    Different oils for winter and summer

    I'm new to this site, and I've already learned some things. Like the Fram oil filter I have on my '99 Sable is junk. It's running 5w-30 M1. I have aroung 2k on this setup now, and from what I read, I can go 5k. But the filter is crap, and I don't want to change the oil. So I am going to put a...