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    Turbo leaking oil

    Have a 96 850 Volvo Turbo used for 45 miles one way commute, 162k miles and the turbo is gradually covering itself with a light dusting of oil. Car runs great and just passed California smog. It's easy to wipe off and there are no drops of oil on the garage floor. Is it just a seal that is...
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    brake fluid

    What brake fluid are you using, and can you exchange the brake fluid the old fashioned way, pumpiing the brake pedal while working the bleed screws? And can you do it and not have to have the engine running?
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    A call to FP users...

    For those using a steady dose of FP, do you, once in a while use a strong injector cleaner like ProGuard every oil change or so?
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    Lube control

    I would guess that most users of Lube Control use the one oz per 1k miles. But if you have a lot of stop and go driving combined with short trips, has anyone upped the dose because of this kind of vehicle operation?
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    Battery only switch

    Current gas/electric hybrids have a long warranty on batteries. The system keeps batteries operating in their sweet spot, charge wise and this will contribute to a very long life with few problems. Do you think the battery only operation switch is left off in the US because batteries would be...
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    Given a choice

    Who would pick a turbo diesel over a gas/electric hybrid for a daily commuter, and for the sake of the question, say in a vehicle the size of a Ford Escape, a small 4-door suv?
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    Is anyone bothered by complexity?

    Are you bothered by the fact that your car is too complicated to figure out? Do you wish you could buy a simple car that does a good job of getting you back and forth from work? Are you sure we need all the stuff that comes on cars today? Are you smart enough to turn on your heater or a/c when...
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    Just an note about FP

    After an informal test spanning a few thousand miles I have discovered that, with my wife's 850 Turbo Volvo, she gets 25.1 mpg and with FP at one ounce per 5 gal gas she get 25.88 mpg. I don't know if my math is correct but this looks like a 3% improvment. This test was repeated over a two month...
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    Who believes that ...

    E85 is nothing more than a scam. If we use E85 we need more expensive, new cars, that get really bad mileage. It's so bad that on new E85 cars the EPA rating is not listed on the sticker, only the gas rating. It's taking our energy needs away from OPEC and handing them to ADM. The pig and cow...
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    Reliable cars

    I've been looking through 12 years of data on fleet vehicles of all types, sedans, pickups, mini-vans and suv's. Out of an annual total of 6 to 8 thousand vehicles, some with few records and many with every record, cars that were kept on an average of 3 years and 100k miles I found 12 drivers...
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    Twenty ways to spend too much;

    <a href="" target="_blank">Twenty ways to spend too much on your vehicle maintenance.</a>
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    Does anyone...

    have a series of uoa's followed by a teardown and inspection? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />
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    Hybrid cars

    If a hybrid car is for those drivers that want to be kind to the environment and save money on gas, why do they limit the cars to the more expensive models? It appears that if you buy a hybrid you can only get an upscale version of that model car.
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    Ford Escape base model 4-cyl 5-speed

    Does anyone own or know anything about the base Escape? Are they well built and do they hold up.
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    Air filter for a lawn mower

    I purchased my first commercial mower, a Honda, for my yard. The big difference, besides the price and weight, was the air filter. It has the usual paper element, but also has an oiled foam prefilter. I cut a half acre and there is a lot of dust. I now clean that prefilter every time I cut the...
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    Has anyone picked a different oil...

    Has anyone picked a different oil and/or oil change interval after becomming a member of the BITOG family? <img border="0" alt="[Cheers!]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/cheers.gif" /> I was using Red Line, before BITOG, tried M1 0w-40 and ditched it, went back to RL,, and in one car, a...
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    Does anyone think Mobil 1 is

    the best oil under six bucks a quart? Am I hearing that it's better then GC for general automotive use? Better than PP and the version of Amsoil that's the same price? After all, Mobil 1 is the official oil of NASCAR, right? Could all these Mobil 1 supporters be wrong? The ads on TV are kind of...
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    Does Amsoil...

    ...label any of their GIII oils as synthetic?
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    Ever driven behind a road block?

    In the past couple of days I've come up, in very light traffic to three cars driving side by side on all three lanes of the freeway. No other cars near, just this rolling road block. They were driving at exactly the speed limit 65mph. The flow of traffic is usually between 70 to 80mph. Today...
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    How many have added a transmission filter?

    For automatic transmissions, how many of you have added a filter, and what kind. I just put a Magnefine on my wife's car, a Turbo Volvo,96 with 156k miles. <img border="0" alt="[Patriot]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/patriot.gif" />