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    Rebuilt my NP246 Transfer Case On My Dining Room Table

    I'm single so I can do this kind of thing. I don't have much love for the table, so I don't care about scratches... it was bought at a Salvation Army store. Anyway, rebuild went well except I snapped the poppet detent spring (which you see sitting on the gear) retaining bolt... didn't realize...
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    4L60E Rebuilt in Atlanta Area

    My 4L60E in my 2002 Tahoe at 250K is finally starting to give up. Totally driveable, but we're flaring between 2 and 3 and a little slippy slip if I gun it in reverse. I did do a swap of the servo and electronical bits, along with some proper fluid, and that resolved some other issues... but I...
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    Is it me or do Hyundai and Kia cars seem to ALWAYS have both brake lights out?`

    Every time I'm out driving, I see a Hyundai or Kia vehicle with BOTH brake lights out (if they have incandescent bulbs). It's every single time I'm out on the road... doesn't matter which model, as long as it has incandescent bulbs -- multiple vehicles a day. My 2002 Tahoe has the same bulbs...