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    First German car

    Audi 2014 SQ5 just came off a lease with just under 20k. Have had it a few months and it's a great suv to drive. Way fun!
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    2014 Audi SQ5 air filter

    Will be needing to replace an OEM air filter and was wondering if there was better to chose from. Mann? Wix?
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    08 Infiniti G35 air filter times 2

    It's time to replace my OEM air filters, yes I get to replace 2 at a time. Should I stay with OEM or is there a better paper filter at the parts store. I don't want to go the K&N route.
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    new car/ same oil?

    Had an 02 Altima 3.5SE and used castrol synthetic with a bosch filter. I only drive 5-6K a year so I change it once a year. 80% stop and go in the city. SoCal weather but might start doing some road trips. Now I have a new/used 08 Infiniti G35 Journey Sedan, a lease return with 23,600 miles...
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    Give me some tires to look at

    Almost time for a set. My 08 G35 has 225/55/17's. I was going to go with some 50's but I think I will try to keep the ride as good as I can so I think 245/55's might be to much so 235/55's. I'm in SoCal so ice and snow isn't a factor but I won't rule out a good A/S tire.
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    2 air filters

    My Infiniti has 2 so I'm guessing 1 or 2 is still is whatever is best for 1 is the same for 2. After reading almost all the air filter threads I still am not sure which is considered a good paper air filter and juyst as many pro's as con's on k&n. Bottom line is I'm no where closer to know what...
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    Anyone know of a good detail place or one that comes to you,i'm in SoCal, Lakewood between LA/OC area. My black Altima is ready.
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    New but confussed

    Been reading a ton of oil threads here and i have to say,i have less of a clue which oil is good and bad, who has the best syn,which weight works,ect. So much this and that going on. After all that i have read,i think i'll stick with pur oil and air filter and M1 oil and just read what others...
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    Where is the best/cheapest place to buy oil. Walmart,Target,Autoparts or anywhere its on sale?
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    02 Altima w/M1

    I've been running it since the my first oil change but being on here reading that maybe its not the best choice,Castrol Syntec might be better. Way?
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    I've read a lot of the posts and read some other sites and still dont know whats the best oil filter for my 02 Altima. Better filtering but less flow and the other way around. Valve is good or junk. I think M1 and Pur Prem Plus but heck,what do i know,nothing is the answer. LOL