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    5w-20 for 98 Trooper?

    From personal experience(2x doze) AutoRx will not have any effect. Only thing that could possibly work is a piston soak. 40 weight oil & 3k OCI would keep the consumption to minimum.
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    Grimmy oil at 8500 miles

    Aftermarket for Isuzu is almost non-existent. An Isuzu tech has confirmed that the replacement rings are indeed new/redesigned. Independent places by me charges around $75+/hr - the $250 will be gone as soon as they pop the hood.
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    Grimmy oil at 8500 miles

    Funny that some folks always assume that the motor will explode soon when a motor starts consuming oil. My 99 has 180k+ now;it started using oil around 60k;just keep an eye on the oil level. Clean the egr valve and tube using carb cleaner;suck seafoam into the intake and do a cylinder soak. Go...
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    Acura MDX '03 -33.3 total mi - M1 5w30 - 4534 oil mi

    Perhaps I should do it at least once or twice to see the wear result and go from there;probably do it in spring or fall.
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    2003 Honda Accord 3L V6 auto at 12K miles on rebuilt transmission

    Good result for 12k(one year?). How much fluid was changed?
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    Acura MDX '03 -33.3 total mi - M1 5w30 - 4534 oil mi

    I am reluctant to go 7.5k OCI, flash gets too low for my taste. Perhaps I would do a filter change/top off at 3.5k if I go this route. I suspect I could get same result with the 7500 on same miles for half the price. AL, yes the copper(and Iron) is indeed coming down on every change. 20 weight...
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    Acura MDX '03 -33.3 total mi - M1 5w30 - 4534 oil mi

    3.5L SOHC V6 VTEC,FWD/AWD 5sp Auto, 260hp OEM air filter - original/new halfway into OCI PureOne PL24458 Oil Fill - 4.5 qts <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">al 2 Cr 0 Fe 9 Cu 21 Pb 0 Sn 1 Mo 102...
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    Cracked windshield

    Should have just kept the broken windshield until the car gets junked in 2 years.... <i>(suspensions is shot and tranny is starting to wear out, saw some copper flakes in the pan)</i>
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    05 Saturn Vue - 3.5L Honda - 5070mi 0w-30 GC M02+M04

    Excellent result for a dirty breaking Honda v6 motor. IMO, silicon is due to break-in. What is the OCI time? Driving type? Any mileage comparison to oem 20 weight oil? I am beginning to believe that these 3.5L motors gets a bit better wear on 30 weight oils.
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    Honda Odyssey Break In and Winter Temps

    What would the driving conditions be? What is the recomended OCI interval? Anyway,IMO, I would dump the factory fill at 1k, refill with Exxon Superflo or Mobil Clean 5000 5w20 then dump that at 3k. I would do 2 more OCI's of 3k miles. Then do the 5k/6 months interval and get an UOA for guidance...
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    Redline 5w-20 @ 2508 miles in a 2004 Acura TL

    <i>I have an '05 TL 6-speed and will do the first oil change this weekend (it has about 5,100 miles)</i> I'm surprised that you kept the factory fill for that many miles. <i>I'll be sticking with the oil change interval recommended by the MID/computer</i> How does the computer calculate the...
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    02 Honda Odyssey 3.5V6 M1 5W-30

    Looks good. Fe is surprising low especially with M1. Honda v6's do spit out a lot of copper so IMO, it is not major concern but with 40k+ miles, I would have expected the value to be in the high teens. I don't think these motors are candidate for extended drain(normal service-7.5k) especially...
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    anyone tried a 5W-20 for a Toyo 4 cylinder?

    Actually, yes => <a href=";f=3;t=000464#000008" target="_blank">tooslick's toy taco</a>
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    VSOT..........interesting darkening

    What is the sump size? Why run a full bottle(15oz)?
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    2002 Honda Accord V6 Auto 7506 mile OCI AMSOIL 5W20 40267 total miles

    It seems that short trips = fuel dilution for these v6 Honda's which I suspect contributes to the high(er)lead,tin and low flash. What is Honda's recomended OCI for this driving scenario(severe)? Mileage wise, how does the 20 weight compare to the 30? It would be interesting to see how GC...
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    Amsoil UOA on 02 Ford Focus Zetec

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Pablo: <strong> pinoy - Fe is about the same as yours .... </strong><hr /></blockquote>Not really, my miles are more than double than his.
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    Rodeo oil

    I've used a lot of diff weight/brand oil on my Trooper but have yet to try the Rotella. I have some 10w40, 0w40, 5w40 of diff brands to use up before I can.
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    Amsoil UOA on 02 Ford Focus Zetec

    Wear seems elevated, at least compare to <a href=";f=3;t=002494" target="_blank">mine</a>. Auto or Manual? What type of driving? OCI intervals?
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    Rodeo oil

    If you have to add a quart towards the end of OCI cycle 5k, then might as well extend the M1 10w30 to 7.5k miles. One oil you might consider is Shell's Rotella 5w40.
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    2003 Acura MDX ATF-Z1 two samples

    I missed this post this summer. I wonder what the wear values on pre-03 AT units with transfer case and transimission sharing the same bath. Anyway, compare to my <a href=";f=50;t=000033#000000" target="_blank">result</a> with one...