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    Older S9000 vs 229.51

    greetings. i just purchased a vehicle with the MB 3.0L diesel. it has a particulate filter, but is the pre-bluetec version. the oil spec is 229.51. i bought a cases of schaeffer's 9000 in 5w40 about 2 years ago, for use in my racecar. the racecar has seen a lot fewer miles than anticipated, so...
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    Stroker LT4 (396cid), 400 miles, 5W20/15W40

    <a href=";f=3;t=001944#000000" target="_blank">previous UOA, and exposition to problem.</a> i knew it would be a short run, so i emptied the odd oils left on my shelves. this was 4qts Exxon SuperFlo 5W20, and 3.5qts Chevron Delo...
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    2005 Honda Accord V6, factory fill, 466 miles

    we had purchased the car literally the day before evacuating houston due to hurricane rita. we sat idling for ~10 hours. i changed the oil a few days after returning and took this sample to see how it weathered the evacuation. <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family...
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    WIX 51568 on Subaru

    i finally got my hands on a wix 51568. i changed the oil today on my non-turbo 2.5L subaru, and it fit like a champ. just fyi, since a search never turned up anyone who had actually tried it. -michael
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    Redline D4 ATF in p/s

    i had said something a while ago about using this in my '96 corvette. (dave's recommendation for my particular vehicle, over their p/s fluid.) it caused an odd, intermittent (but relatively high frequency) metallic clanging noise. it took a couple of flushes with the oem fluid to go back to...
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    Schaeffer's 10W-30

    is #703 really not a diesel/CI-4 oil, or did schaeffer's just not bother with the certification? it strikes me as odd that schaeffer's has so many gasoline-only oils, given they cater mainly to industrial use. what does an oil need to meet CI-4 over just SL? thanks. -michael
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    TDC On Spike...

    i have read a statistic claiming that the population's average IQ is 100. this makes me think i shouldn't try to apply too much analysis to anything that is aimed at the general population. -michael
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    Pennz LL 15w-40, VW 2.0L 8V, 4800 miles

    <a href=";f=3;t=001422" target="_blank">Previous UOA</a> this is the first time in the car's 95k miles that it has ever consumed oil, so it's really odd that it would be with an HDEO. i only had to add .5qt at 3500 miles into the...
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    Synergyn LTS, LT4 stroker, 2500 miles

    exposition: <a href=";f=3;t=001590" target="_blank">Previous UOA</a> this fill is the LTS 3W-30. usual usage for this car, auto-x, romps, etc, but more commuting than normal. K&N oil filter, paper air filter, etc...
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    Subaru Tranny Lube (again...)

    i read all the posts, there doesn't seem to be a consensus. i'm considering torco rtf in my new impreza, has anyone used it successfully in an application that calls for a GL-5? it would be good to know if the subaru tranny truly requires a GL-5, or if a GL-4 would work. what would the...
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    Looking for Conoco CI-4 10w30

    is this going to be a ford dealer only item? i've checked my local parts stores and found only the SL motorcraft. ditto at walmart. i don't remember seeing a conoco station here, and don't know if they would carry the oil anyway. anyone know where i can get my hands on the conoco or motorcraft...
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    Locating filters locally...

    i recently purchased a subaru impreza, and went looking for filters. on my list were wix 51344 and 51568, and as many of their equivalents as i could find in various cross-references. as a last resort, i knew pepboys would have an L24458. i found nothing here in houston. when i made it to...
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    Odd Redline results

    i had ordered redline p/s fluid for my '96 vette. i auto-x it and change the fluid frequently. after placing the order, someone at redline told me they prefer their D4 ATF in my year corvette. i emailed myoilshop and they changed the order prior to shipment. immediately after swapping to the D4...
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    RC51, Amsoil 10W40, 643 miles

    <a href=";f=3;t=000579" target="_blank">Last report.</a> i changed it because i'm at 12 months. a change in my daily schedule makes it very inconvenient to ride the bike, hence the low miles. this interval used an amsoil oil filter...
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    Vette LT4 396 stroker, GC 0W30, 1200 miles

    <a href=";f=39;t=000044" target="_blank">Here</a> is some information on this engine. I changed the rod bearings right after draining this oil. The engine had ~2000 miles at this point, and had been beat hard in both racing and...
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    Oiling Problem with Canton Oil Pan, SBC

    forum rules say we can't link to other forums, so i'm going to paste what i posted on the vette forum. as a BITOG-specific aside, i took a sample of the GC 0w30 that came out just before the new oil pump, i'm curious to see how obvious the bearing wear will be. i will post the UOA when i get it...
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    RC51 now using Schaeffer's

    exposition: <a href=";f=3;t=000579" target="_blank">;f=3;t=000579</a> i ended up not using the bike much at all, instead of using it more for commuting as planned...
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    Schaeffer's Packaging

    is it really so expensive or difficult to package lubricants in small containers? i ask because there are quite a few products of shcaeffer's i would buy if they were available in 1qt, or even 1 gallon, quantities. -michael
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    GC 0W30, VW 2.0L 8V, 4601 miles

    <a href=";f=3;t=001091" target="_blank">previous report</a> basically the same use, oil filter, etc. <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Al 2 Fe 9 Cu 7 Pb 7 Mo...
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    '04 LS6/Z06, 457 miles, Schaeffer's 7000

    a friend of mine just picked up a new Z06. he will be using it for open tracking and auto-x, as well as commuting. i told him a bit about the copper issue, so he decided to do a few UOAs as the engine breaks in. he changed the original oil at 100 miles, putting on/in an STP oil filter and...