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    Compact cars of 1969 ...

    That Corvair!
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    Shocks / Struts

    Had a full sized Bronco that I bought new in 1985 with a 302 and a stick. Loved it. Always kept it stock. In the mid 90s I replaced the shocks with KYBs . They hardly dampened at all and got worse quickly. I dont remember what I replaced them with maybe Gabriel s kept the truck until the body...
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    Shocks / Struts

    I won't be surprised, however, the knowledge that the shocks will work as well as the OEM is worth something to me. Just because KYB may have been the OEM and now is selling replacement struts doesn't mean that the damping will be set correctly. As others have pointed out here, sometimes shocks...
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    Shocks / Struts

    The SH-AWD uses the same rear struts as the FWD TL. The fronts are different AWD to FWD and even more stiff for the AWD with 6MT, of which only a small percentage were made.
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    Shocks / Struts

    Thanks but Monroes are just not going to be in the same league with the factory strut cartridges. This is the TL 6MT--Acura's attempt to compete with the Germans. And I have had bad experience with KYBs. Would only consider factory or Konis.
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    Shocks / Struts

    Update: My indy mech was able to source the struts. The Acura dealer where I bought the car told me they stopped manufacturing the rears, and they were out of stock with the fronts. What am I going to do 100,000 miles from now?
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    Starfire brand motor oil?

    Would be fitting for an Oldsmobile Starfire, made from 1954 to 1980
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    Mobil 1 12qt -$29

    How hard is it to pour oil out of a 12 quart box? I assume you use an intermediate sized container- if so what?
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    Alignment Verification Systems

    should have googled some more: here's a video on it from 2014!
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    Alignment Verification Systems

    I just received some mail from Tire Rack about a new Continental Tire, an upgraded version of the DWS 06 called the Plus. The brochure mentioned an Alignment Verification System. Did a search here and it's only been mentioned once in a thread about winter tires. This seems like a terrific idea...
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    Shocks / Struts

    I think the issue is that my car is the 6 MT model, they didn't sell many of them and they do have stiffer struts than the ones with autos.
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    Who likes this car?

    I like the car and think you will too, despite the wheels being a little too faddish. You could always get a second set of rims with winter tires and not have to look at them half the year.
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    Remind me not to buy a late model Subaru.

    I have several members of the Subaru cult in my family. The ones I have ridden in rode like cheap cars-- Just my perception. I doubt that they would not be able to maintain speed on a moderate incline unless at high altitude and not turbo boosted
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    Shocks / Struts

    The rest of the story--there's a shortage of right front strut cartridges nationwide for this model car. Backordered
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2012 Acura TL 6MT 107961 Out: 2.6 quarts AMSOIL synthetic MT fluid In: same Also changed SH-AWD fluid and flushed brake lines and clutch fluid line Only 9k miles since last MT gear change, but transmission shifted smoother (it's a honey of a gear box)
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    Mobil 1 12qt -$29

    The nearest WM to me never seems to have such bargains. Once in a while, a stray quart of something.
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    Griot's Glass Sealant

    I use it on my shower door
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    Leaking tire beads

    I had never heard of a bead leak, until a slow leak from one of my tires turned out to be just that.
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    ATF added to brake fluid. What, specifically, are the implications for ABS?

    I would hate to see what happens if some kid pees in your pool