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    Fram Ultra Cartride Filters

    Do Fram Ultra cartridge filters have the same wire mesh backing as the spin on filters? Thank you.
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    General Tires any good?

    Anyone have experience with this brand? Opinions on quality? Considering getting 4 of the Grabber HST (255-70-18, for my 2012 Tundra, thanks for any experience/opinions.
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    Which .38spl +P?

    I have a Ruger SP101 .357 with the 3 1/16th inch barrel for home defense and am trying to decide on which of two .38 spl +P rounds will provide the maximum muzzle energy. I currently have it stoked with Speer GDHP 125 gr +P and am wondering if I’d be better off with the short barrel version of...
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    9MM Suggestions

    Going to buy my first semi-auto pistol in 9MM for home protection (always had revolvers for reliability but want more magazine capacity) and have narrowed it down to Glock 17, S&W M&P and Ruger SR9. The most important thing to me is reliability since it’s for home protection, I welcome your...
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    Coolant Change

    Why do most new vehicles come with a long life coolant that can go 90,000 miles+ but then have to be changed much more frequently after the initial fill? My 2007 Nissan specifies 90,000 on the first run and after that every 30,000 miles, doesn’t make sense to me.
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    Skeletal Wounds

    With respect to caliber and ammo choices for self/home defense the discussion always centers around penetration and expansion with the impact of vital organs in mind , my question is what happens when bone is struck, does it result, as I would imagine, in absolutely excruciating pain that would...
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    Semi Auto 20 Gauge

    Considering a gas operated semi-auto 20 gauge for home defense. maybe a Remington 1100 or 11/87, is this a good overall home defense weapon with OO buckshot?
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    Intermittent Hesitation/Power Loss

    I've been having this issue on and off for a couple of years now, very frustrating, when the car was still under warranty the dealer did several "diagnostic self-tests" and found nothing, I couldn't get it to run poorly for them, the problem is occurring much more frequently and severely now, my...
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    2005-2008 Mustang V-6 w/5 speed manual

    Considering a 2005-2008 Mustang V-6 5 speed manual, anyone have one or any experience with one? From what I’ve read the V-6 is surprisingly quick especially with the manual trans (mid 6 second 0-60 and low 15’s in the quarter) and has a lot of low-end torque (240 @ 3,500 rpm) Thanks!
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    A-1 Cardone MAF Sensor

    Are Cardone MAF sensors decent quality? I have no experience with Cardone parts and was wondering if they're good quality before I buy and install--Thanks!
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    Is it at all possible for a defective gas cap (not sealing or venting properly?)to cause hesitation? How about a PCV valve that's not plugged but may have a weak spring and/or be binding in the housing rather than sliding smoothly and freely up and down? Thanks all.
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    2005 Mustang GT 5 speed

    I’m considering a mid-life crisis car purchase if I can find one at a decent price that hasn’t been abused hopefully, a 2005 (or newer, depending on price) Mustang GT 5- speed. All the reviews I’ve read have been very positive, it’s supposedly a very well balanced combination of performance...
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    Need new tires, saw some Fuzion "HRI" tires at a good price, have no knowledge of or expericen with Fusion tires, are they a decent quality tire? Thanks!
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    2007 Sentra Cabin Filter Replacement

    I found instructions for replacing the cabin air filter but the first step is a problem—it says to carefully remove the plastic panel next to the accelerator pedal to expose the filter, but the plastic panel has no visible external screws, clips or attachments of any kind, so I don’t know...
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    I'm considering the .38 special +P 158 gr LSWCHP for use in my S & W Model 10 (and possibly my new Ruger SP101 .357 3") for home protection. From everything I've read, it seems that this load is inapprpriate for use in 2" barrels due to insufficient velocity for reliable expansion. (FBI 4 layer...
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    Just got a box of Cor-Bon .38 Special +P 110 gr DPX bullets from Cabela’s and I noticed that on the bottom of the casings it says ‘Winchester” not Cor-Bon, does anyone know why? Does Cor-bon buy their casings from other manufacturers? Thanks!
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    I'm considering using .38 special +P Speer Gold Dots in my new Ruger SP101 but am unsure whether I should use the "short barrel" version (135 gr)or regular version (125 gr) for maximum performance--I have a 3" barrel and the "short barrel" version says it was designed specifically for use in 2"...
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    RUGER SP101 .357 Mag

    Took the advice given from my previous post about the S & W Sigma series and just bought a new revolver--a Ruger SP101 .357 Mag with a 3" barrel ($449.00)---does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of this gun? It seems very well made and feels very good in my hand. My next...
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    I’m contemplating purchasing my very first semi-auto pistol for home defense and am considering buying a S & W Sigma Series semi-auto as they’re very reasonably priced under $500. I’m looking for information or experience on the reliability of this weapon as I’ve always been a revolver guy for...
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    Mobil 1 used filter pics?

    I've seen a lot of dissected filters on this site (thanks to all who took the time to post them) but I can't recall ever seeing a used Mobil 1 dissection photo--I'd really like to see a Mobil 1 that has gone the distance, say 15,000-20,000 miles or so if anyone has one or will have one in the...