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    Purpose of the....02' Sensor

    What does it accomplish ???
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    Engine lite dashboard

    For those of you who have had this question is ??? WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON REPAIR WHEN THIS LIGHT APPEARS.
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    03' 2.3 Ford Focus / Dash light on steadly

    Just recently, the engine dash light turned on, and is on steadily . Per indicates some issue with emissions. Before I take it to a mechanic, is there some way (without cost) to determine what the issue could be. Vehicle has 146 K on the OD.
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    2006 Subaru Forester

    I'm considering purchasing the above Subaru. it has 113K on it, and generally seems in good condition (I will take it to an ASE mechanic to check out its general condition tomorrow. Are there any BITOG'ers out there that have one of these, and can give me a general review (pros & cons). Need...
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    Coil Packs? for 03'Ford Focus (4 cyl./2.3 Duratec)

    While driving, the above vehicle is experiencing a shutoff (idiot lights flash) for a second or two, but then it runs normally again for awhile. The engine has 141 K on the OD, and the spark plugs were replaced at 105 K. My (non-mechanically inclined) guess is that one or more of the coil packs...
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    Thinnest 30 weight.....heaviest 20 weight ? quality multi-grade synthetics.......
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    Opinion... on 2014 Ford Escape AWD SE

    I'm considering purchasing this vehicle. Would like opinions (pro and con)...of any who have this model. Asking price is $13,900, and it is high mileage 89,000.
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    Fred Meyer (Kroger) ???

    I purchase just about all my gasoline at my Fred Meyer store (which is operated by Kroger. the grocery chain). Does anyone know if the gas they supply is top-tier? I read, several years ago, that their gas is supplied by Shell.
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    Peak Lifetime Coolant....Opinions

    Opinions on the above coolant (Peak)....good or bad. How long is it good for?
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    lightest 0w30 or 5w30

    Please help me by listing the 'lightest' three 0w30 or 5w30 synthetics or blends available....majors brands only (Mobil, Pennzoil, QS, Castrol etc.). My vehicle does not burn or use any additional oil....has 137k on the engine....and I usually do about 7500 mile OCI's in about a years...
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    Tire rotation cost.....

    On a per ...what should it cost (in your area) to rotate four tires?
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    Oil filters suggestions for a 10' Hyundai .......

    Elantra.....with a 7500 mile OCI (our estimate for one year). We'll be using Pennzoil Platinum 5w20. This vehicle was bought for my granddaughter for $9400, and has 47K on the OD. She'll be driving it twice a year from Central Oregon (Bend) to SoCal (to attend college)...about an 850 mile one...
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    2010 Hyundai Elantra H/B...oil requirments

    Grandaughter.... just purchased the above automatic with 47K on the OD. Paid $9400. Will be driving it down to SoCal (850 miles one way) for college, from Central Oregon, and come home during holidays and summer. Seeking BITOG'er who have or know about this vehicle.... and...
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    What is the thinnest.......

    5w30 synthetic among the majors (i.e. Pennzoil PP, QSUD, M-1, Castrol etc.)
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    With a barrel of oil dropping like a rock......

    ....and the price of gasoline dropping dramatically as well ($1.99 at a Kroger) question is; Why hasn't motor oil dropped in price as well ??? Does anyone have any good reasons why this is so?
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    M-1 oils.....make engines noiser ???

    Had a discussion with another BITOG'ER (car51).....about engine noise. We both have used M-1 0w20 for awhile in our 03' Ford Focus'......and then did an OC with QSUD 0w20. Both of us noticed immediatly how much quieter and smoother our engines ran. I'm wondering if any of you guys have had a...
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    Replacing Front Tires......

    I have Dunlop Signature II (195/60/15) on the rear (only about 6k on them) of my 03' Focus. Just purchased two more matching Dunlops, to replace the front (worn-out) tires. Where should I place the new tires......front or rear?
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    Of the following oils....which has the lightest 30

    QSUD 5w30 M-1 5w30 M-1 EP 5w30 PP 5w30 OR any of the above companys ....0w30
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    Mileage vs. Time OCI.....

    Gentleman, I currently use M-1 0w20 AFE in my ol' 03' Ford Focus. I Have been using M-1 AFE for awhile with OCI's of approx. 8000. I drive about 7K to 8K a year. I'm planning to switch to M-1 0w20 EP, which is guaranteed up to 15,000 miles. I plan on doing about 12,500 or so on the EP, but...
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    Motorcraft Blend vs. Pennzoil Gold.....

    PZ Gold states on their bottles that it consists of 50% synthetic. Does anyone know, or where I could find out..... the amount of synthetic in Motorcraft Blend? I'm leaning toward Motorcraft because of the excellent UOA's posted.