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    Opinions on Isuzu FTR/International 4300/GMC 6500

    So our business will be needing to buy a new over the road `24 box truck in the near future and I'm trying to learn a bit about the choices. From the past I've known Isuzu's were great in terms of reliability and ease of getting around...however you pay a decent amount more for a FTR over say a...
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    California Car Buying Stats

    I thought this was interesting as I like stastics. In the Business section of the local newspaper today it broke down the car buying stats for CA. Last year we bought 2,049,522 vehicles. The Japanese accounted for 46%. The Big 3 accounted for 40%. The Europeans accounted for 11%. Lastly, the...
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    Tool for Corolla oil filter?

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    Tool for Corolla oil filter?

    I need to get the oil filter of a `07 Corolla and can't for the life of me get the thing to loosen! It's the factory one since this is the first oil change, they must really crank those things on. None of my oil filter wrenches will fit since it's on the small side. I've had some tough oil...
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    No rear headrests on some American vehicles

    I'm curious why to this day some US cars have no rear headrests? I take it the US government hasn't mandated them but do they just ignore the risk of whiplash or one's neck snapping? Even the ones that are built in can be too short for a 6`0+ person (Chrysler 300). Reason being, I was driving a...
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    Upgrading my E36 3-series lighting

    Just saw this new forum so figured I would share my upgrade that will be arriving in a few days for people who may want to do the same or are generally interested. So for people who own the E36 3-series, it's well known the US got ripped off with the cheap plastic reflector beams (9006 bulbs)...
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    Free Panckaes @ IHOP

    For the people who don't want to make a breakfast: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Germany's Open Speed Limits Upheld

    Source: ( "The days of unrestricted speeds on portions of Germany's autobahn may be numbered, but they will continue for at least the immediate future, thanks to their plucky Chancellor. The lucky souls who have a valid...
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    *NWS* Controlling Speeding in Denmark

    I would be happy to go the speed limit for this!!! <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Crazy blowout on our 325iT

    So my mother was driving down the I-5 today (near Sea World Drive) when her right front tire blew out. Luckily she controlled the car and nothing serious happened. I drove down there to put on the spare and now the car has 2 new tires. It was a Continental Contisport Contact with about 50%...
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    My detailing business

    So I have had a part-time detailing business in my town since high school (now I'm in college) and figured I would show some pictures of current/past customers. Unfortunately most of the shots were taken on cell phones but I will share nonetheless. <img...
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    Audi finally offers Euro Delivery for US buyers

    BMW, MBZ, Porsche, Saab and Volvo have been doing this for quite some time so it's nice to see Audi finally getting on it. Here are some details: <a href=""...
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    `05 F-150 5-spd

    Ok so I know this is the Mazda tranny in our F-150. I used Speciality Formulations in our last V6 5-spd but wanted to see what recommendations people had for something a little cheaper that would work well and I could buy in some auto parts store. Thanks for any input.
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    Mobil 1 0w30

    I never hear much about this oil and am curious what people's opinion of it was. Does it hold a candle to GC 0w30?
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    Lubro Moly 5w40 with VW 505.01 approval

    I was at my local euro parts store today when I noticed new dark blue 5 liter jugs of Lubro Moly 5w40. While I purchase their full synthetic 5w40 in the purple jug for one of our cars I was a bit curious about this one. Didn't have much english on it but it seemed like it was more aimed towards...
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    E46 M3 longevity

    I have been curious to see how the last generation of M3's will hold up long term. Came across an `01 with 230k miles!!! I'm suprised it has a week to go and is already at $15.6k! Seeing that it's mostly highway miles I guess it's not that big of a deal but Motorsport cars aren't usually the...
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    Anyone have any input on MOS2 Lubro Moly?

    I searched but got many mixed results. Some people I know run this Lubro Moly MOS2 Antifriction oil in engines with some high miles behind them with what I would imagine positive results. <a href=""...
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    So we added another car to the family, a 2002 BMW 325iT with 38k miles. We had an `04 Jetta Wagon TDI that already had 51k miles, great on fuel and fun to tinker around with a diesel but the rest of the car just felt econo like. The handling left a lot to be desired also. This "new" car is...
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    Who is the youngest BITOGer?

    I'm 19 now but I have been reading here since I was whose the youngest?
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    Got 12 quarts of the green stuff!!

    I thought they quit making the green GC but I happened to see some at a local Autozone, had 12 quarts on the shelf so I took them all. For $5.19 a quart that's not too bad considering some Mobil 1's are more. This is my first time with this special stuff <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]"...