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  1. AnthemBassMan

    Kohler Command 21 Running too hot? 280-300 degrees

    One thing I didn’t see, unless I missed it, was the engine speed that you run. Higher engine speed will help cool the engine better than low to medium speed. At least this is true in my experiences. L8R, Matt
  2. AnthemBassMan

    Push mower high octane

    It would have enough power to suck the worms out of the ground! L8R, Matt
  3. AnthemBassMan

    Push mower high octane

    I just use 90 octane ethanol free fuel mixed with either Amsoil Saber or Echo Red Armor in all my mowers and power equipment. L8R, Matt
  4. AnthemBassMan

    Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

    214k on my 2010 Chrysler Sebring with the 2.4L VVT four cylinder. Still runs great! L8R, Matt
  5. AnthemBassMan

    Just picked up a 22261 lawnboy, question about rpms

    Quite a few people have been having good luck curing the surging issues the Duraforce has by adding a second governor spring. As long as the hole in the throttle plate is the larger one, the oversized Briggs jet isn’t needed. But once you get things ironed out, I’d drop the RPMs down to around...
  6. AnthemBassMan

    Got a freebie Craftsman today. Needs some love

    I think they went from silver to green to gold then red. But I just can’t be positive. A lot of the green Craftsman push mowers suffered from bad deck rot. L8R, Matt
  7. AnthemBassMan

    Got a freebie Craftsman today. Needs some love

    If your carb has the adjustable jet screw on the bottom, then you’ll definitely have to follow the video. I rebuilt a carb for a Tecumseh powered wood chipper with the HM80 engine. After the rebuild, it starts in two pulls. It takes two because the engine is directly bolted to the chipper blades...
  8. AnthemBassMan

    Got a freebie Craftsman today. Needs some love

    Tecumseh carbs were finicky, but I personally always preferred them over Briggs. Here’s what to do to hopefully fix the surging issue. Remove the bowl nut from the bottom of the carb. That bowl nut has a tiny fuel jet drilled in the side. If you don’t have a set of torch tip cleaners, grab a...
  9. AnthemBassMan

    Post your latest 2 stroke mix

    Two gallons of ethanol free 90 octane fuel mixed at 40:1 with Echo Red Armor. L8R, Matt
  10. AnthemBassMan

    Hyundai Part No.: 26300-35505 Oil filter OEM

    I run them around 7k. My 2017 Elantra has the multipoint injection, not GDI, so it’s a bit easier on the oil. On the MyHyundai site, my OCI is listed as 7500, not the 3750 severe service intervals. If you’re car is GDI, I’d keep the changes at 5k. L8R, Matt
  11. AnthemBassMan

    Amsoil Small Engine OIl

    Never used Amsoil or Redline in my old mowers when I still used 4 stroke. But my old Tecumseh powered 1992 Craftsman mower I had for years, I always ran either a full synthetic 10w30 or or HDEO 15w40. It would cough a puff of smoke on startup, then run clean the rest of the time. L8R, Matt
  12. AnthemBassMan

    New Push mower

    I can’t help you much. I mow with my 34, 46, and 48 year old Lawn-Boys. They still fire up and run like new. L8R, Matt
  13. AnthemBassMan

    New Husqvarna 525L trimmer

    I picked up a Husqvarna 128LD last year. Nice trimmer. Last month I picked up the edger and cultivator/mini tiller attachments for it. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet. But I still have my cheap, snot green Poulan curved shaft trimmer that I bought probably 10 years ago. Still runs like a...
  14. AnthemBassMan

    Need a good synthetic , regular, or blend 2 stroke oil

    I don’t own a Stihl, but I mow with antique Lawn Boys, and have an Echo saw and Husqvarna trimmer. I use both Echo Red Armor and Amsoil Saber mixed around 45-50:1. I’ve taken the carb/reed valve plate from my Lawn Boys and the internals have a nice oil film on them and the mufflers don’t have...
  15. AnthemBassMan

    Plastic oil drain plug on newer Fords

    Ford did a great job by routing the sway bar right across the path of the oil flow on the pans with the rear facing plug. It turns it from coming out as a 1” stream to foot and a half mess making spray. L8R, Matt
  16. AnthemBassMan

    New Echo es 400 chainsaw.

    I’ve got the slightly smaller CS370. It’s a beast of a saw. Especially since I adjusted the carb a little. Keep your chain sharp and your CS400 will keep pulling through wood. L8R, Matt
  17. AnthemBassMan

    Oil for golf cart

    I’d say grab a jug of Rotella T5 Ultra 10w30 and call it good. L8R, Matt
  18. AnthemBassMan

    Log Splitter

    I would have chosen the County Line with the better specs too. In my area it’s also $200 less than the Champion, and you can pick up a side catcher/cradle for around $50. Still plenty left over for oil/fuel whatever else you need. L8R, Matt
  19. AnthemBassMan

    Full synthetic vs semi-synthetic oil

    I always ran full synthetic 10w30 in my old Tecumseh powered Craftsman and Kawasaki powered John Deere 14SB. For the past few years every single piece of OPE I have is all 2 stroke. But I still use full synthetic 2 stroke oil for them. Everything from my Husqvarna gas trimmer to my 48 year old...
  20. AnthemBassMan

    PP or Magnatec

    I have a 2010 Sebring, the last year made before the 200. I bought it in 2012 and it now has 212k on it. I’ve used Pennzoil Platinum in almost exclusively except for a few different tryouts here and there, then starting last year using Valvoline Full Synthetic Maxlife HM. I’ll probably be going...