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    Tires Roaring

    How do you do this with directional tires? Krzyś
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4

    Are you saying that All-Season 4 are better in wet than 4S? Krzyś
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    MX-5 tire choices

    The keyword: "street" ;-) Michelin does have track tires - Pilot Sport Cup 2, I think. Krzyś
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    MX-5 tire choices

    IMHO OE tires are so expensive because car manufacturers get them as cheap as possible. Individuals who want the same experience and performance are sponsoring the car manufacturer. According to CR ECS are 40K tire with excellent noise characteristic, G-MAX RS are 45K tires (apparently UTQG...
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    MX-5 tire choices

    Why do you think that summer tire is equal to poor in the wet? Not all summer tires are track focused tread wear 200 or less. Krzyś
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    MX-5 tire choices

    "I'm a bit concerned about the Sports not having the wet weather abilities" Why? What makes you think that ECS is not good in the wet? Potenza S-04 was always behind Pilot SS and 4S in the tests and ECS seems to be better too. Krzyś
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    MX-5 tire choices

    I think OE size is 205/45R17. Are you considering 215/45R17 too? 205/45R17 CONTINENTAL EXTREMECONTACT SPORT (I see only this one on tirerack in OE size) GENERAL G-MAX RS FIRESTONE FIREHAWK INDY 500 (more expensive than General, supposedly better in dry and more sporty) 215/45R17 MICHELIN...
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    Tires always wearing on outside edge

    Like this one? Unavailable in the USA. Krzyś
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    Curbed 4 month old tire.

    Have you read what you are buying? It may be covered by the seller. Krzyś
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    All season tires with snow capability

    Even compared to Pilot Alpins? Krzyś
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    Service AWD

    If pressure is irrelevant for rolling diameter how does indirect TPMS work using ABS sensors? Krzyś
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    BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Drive vs ContiContact CC6 205/65 R15

    It is hard to help without knowing what is available. Sometimes the same products (by name) are not exactly the same. Any local boards in SE Asia? Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. all share similar condition. But not language and that may be a problem. Any summer touring tires...
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    Another Tire Question

    Patch the tire and start looking for replacements. Problem with 2 pairs of dissimilar tires is that in an emergency different levels of traction may bite you. Krzyś
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    Pirelli Sottozero 3 + Age = Fail?

    4/32 - use summer to kill them and get new winter tires for next season. Or just buy new ones for next season. They were probably worn too much to provide good performance. Krzyś
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    I was off a little. Krzyś
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    That last bar graph must be 20 years old, or so. Krzyś
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    All season tires with snow capability

    Legal does not mean safe. Do you encounter ice at 6000 ft. Does AWD help you steer or stop? From tirerack: "WeatherGrip tires meet industry severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, and are designed to be a one-tire solution for...
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    All season tires with snow capability

    Shouldn't you be using winter tires in winter at 6000ft? Krzyś
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    Premature wear Goodyear Weather-Ready

    I was replying to your message. "I shopped at WM and managed to have three of them put on because they only had three in stock. The fourth was put on a week later. " They may have been made years apart (or at different factories). Similar issue with better end results. On Miata message board...
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    Premature wear Goodyear Weather-Ready

    Were all 4 tires the same age? Krzys