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  1. stchman

    Lubricate RJ45 Crimping Tool?

    I've had an RJ45/RJ11 crimping tool for years. I have never lubricated it. I put a few drops on the pivot points and other areas that could have metal to metal contact. Is this bad? I would not think it would be as a lot of crimpers are shipped with oil all over them. Thanks.
  2. stchman

    Friend gave me some Mobil 1 EP 5W-30.

    Hello all, a friend of mine gave me some Mobil 1 EP 5W-30. It was a 5 qt jug and a 1 qt bottle. Only issue is that the 1 qt bottle is High Mileage EP 5W-30 and the 5 qt jug is not high mileage. Will this make a difference? I personally don't think it would. Thanks.
  3. stchman

    Pulmbing question?

    Hello all, I did not know which section to put this in so if a moderator wishes to move it, I understand. I am having an issue under my kitchen sink, if you look at the pipe in the picture I posted, I gather that is old plumbers putty(the brown junk)? Any rate, the drain is not leaking, but I...
  4. stchman

    Hyundail Sante Fe Drain Plug Gaskets

    I didn't know which section to put this in so this section seemed most appropriate. We have a 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. I ran out of nylon drain plug gaskets. They are 14mm. My question is, will the Honda aluminum 14mm drain plug gaskets work? I would think they would, but I am just asking...
  5. stchman

    Last time Craftsman Ratchet Oil Port

    I recently got a 1/4" Craftsman ratchet that has an oil port. It looks like a ball bearing that you can put oil through. My question is, when did Craftsman last do that? I cannot find any information on this ratchet. I believe it is from the 60s. Thanks
  6. stchman

    Lubing Hyper Tough Ratchets.

    Hello all. I recently got these ratchets from the clearance aisle at my local Walmart. They were only $12 for the entire set. They appear to be about the same quality as the Harbor Freight Pittsburgh ratchets, heck they might be the same maker with a different logo stamped on them...
  7. stchman

    Valvoline MaxLife ATF for Dexron HP?

    Hello, I cannot find anything to say that Valvoline Maxlife Full Synthetic ATF is suitable in applications where Dexron HP is used. I suspect it could be as when I go to Amsoil website they tell you to use their Signature Series ATF. From everything I have read is that the big difference...
  8. stchman

    Did I buy fake filters?

    Bought some Fram CH10246 oil filters off of ebay and was wondering if they were fakes Here are some pics of the filter and box. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="[Linked Image]"...
  9. stchman

    Colorado/Canyon Oil Filters.

    I am buying a new GMC Canyon with the 3.6L engine. This engine has one of those canister type oil filters. The Fram CH10246 is widely available and I can get a 12 pack for $33 shipped to my house. My question is, are they good oil filters in the canister realm? Are most canister filters...
  10. stchman

    Is this oil any good?

    I saw this at the Dollar Tree. I would like an honest opinion. I don't want people saying that they "feel" it isn't good. Emotions should be set aside. Thanks. <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[593295a3c5070e4f42]"...
  11. stchman

    Silverado 5.3L tick on startup.

    I have a 2013 Silverado and it has ticked upon startup in cold weather since I have pretty much owned it. I have tried, PP, Mobil 1, and even God's choice Amsoil SS. All the oils had that 10-15 second tick upon startup. I recently changed my oil using Mobil 1 5W-30 EP and the tick has been...
  12. stchman

    Motor oil as a CLP?

    OK, I know people have talked about using motor oil as gun lube, but what about a CLP. Has anyone taken a gun that was really dirty from a day of shooting, used nothing but motor oil as the cleaner AND lubricant?
  13. stchman

    Trying to rationalize why a Glock 19 even exists.

    I looked at a G19 and it is really only slightly smaller than a G17. Don't understand why it gets touted as the "best 9mm pistol ever" The G17 is: 0.67" longer 0.44" taller 1.41oz heavier I've often heard the G19 referred to as the "Goldilocks" Glock. Just don't see what all the fuss is about.
  14. stchman

    Old Fram 8A cut open.

    Here are some pics of an old Fram 8A I found in my garage, forgot I had it. I figured I would cut it open for all to see. It looks pretty good. Pic #1 <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> Pic #2 <img...
  15. stchman

    Bosch Premium OIl FIlter Menard's $4.99.

    Is this a good deal? Are Bosch Premium oil filters about like Fram orange cans and Purolator white filters? Thanks.
  16. stchman

    2016 Nissan Rogue oil filter.

    My girlfriend just got a 2016 Nissan Rogue with the 2.5L engine (QR25DE). I will be doing the oil changes on her Rouge as I told her NOT to get the stupid service contract. Since the QR25DE engine is probably unchanged from 2015, but I don't want to buy an aftermarket oil filter until the...
  17. stchman

    Cutting filters open only marginally informative.

    I see forum members cutting open filters all the time and I ask myself why. Other that looking at the innards you can't tell much. What you can tell is if the media is torn, I understand that. People look at the innards of a used filter and deduce that it MUST filter the oil awesome because...
  18. stchman

    Engines with legendary reliability.

    Wanted to get other's opinion on what some of the most reliable engines ever made. I'm talking about engines that if you changed the oil and didn't let them overheat, they would far outlast the vehicle they were put in. Here are some of my choices. Chevrolet 350 Pontiac 2.5L Tech 4 "Iron...
  19. stchman

    Opinions of O'Reilly Auto Parts pads and rotors.

    Hello all. I have about 50K on my Silverado and there is a slight brake pulsation when I apply the brakes at 60MPH. O'Reilly is one of the few places that turn rotors. I am going to see if any rotor imperfections can be turned out. The guy at the place said he would give me a discount on...
  20. stchman

    Dex VI in GM power steering pumps?

    Some of the forum members are saying that GM is now telling them it is OK to use Dex VI in GM power steering pumps. If yes, is there a TSB or something like that?