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  1. The_Captain

    Need help

    For all you oil experts and amateur oil blenders I need some help. If I took 4.5 qts of Amsoil Signature Series 0w20 and 1 qt of Signature Series 0w30 what would the viscosity numbers be? Or if I used 1qt of Signature Series 0w40 instead. Looking for a more robust 0w20 weight for summer driving...
  2. The_Captain

    Rislone Nano Prime VOA

    I bought a bottle off of Amazon. I shook the bottle throughly and sent it off in a pre-paid NAPA oil analysis kit. It has crazy nickel numbers. They unfortunately do not test for tungsten, maybe that's why the nickel content is so highly? I did not put it in my engine. Just seen it and wanted to...
  3. The_Captain

    Iron increase?

    I have a 2020 Jeep Wrangler JLU 3.6 v6. I got my latest oil analysis back and iron has went from 16ppm to 28 ppm. Both intervals were around 5k with just over 200 miles difference. The other variables is late summer/Fall on the 16ppm and all winter for the 28 ppm sample and approximately 200...
  4. The_Captain

    NAPA Gold vs Platinum vs Ultra in Jeep JLU

    I recently upgraded to a Jeep JL from a JK. I used NAPA gold or Fram Ultra in my JK. I just found out that they now make a NAPA platinum for the 3.6 Pentastar. The JK used 5w20 and the JL uses 0w20. Any benefit using the platinum over the Gold or Ultra?
  5. The_Captain

    Solid choice 0w-20?

    I upgraded my vehicle to a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I stayed with the 3.6 Pentastar. It now calls for 0w-20 for CAFE numbers I guess. My old Jeep JK called for 5w-20. I used Kendall Gt-1 or Castrol black bottle in it. I want to use the recommended oil viscosity but 0w-20 is new to me and I...
  6. The_Captain

    Need advice about spark knock

    Fellow Oil brothers and sisters, I have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler unlimited. It is equipped with an automatic and 3.21 rear end . The problem is I have spark knock (rattle) when I accelerate or accelerate on hill. It doesn't do it all the time but it happens fairly often. I have tried various fuel...
  7. The_Captain

    Help pick my next oil change

    I would like some opinions about my next oil change. Here is what oils I have in my stash: Kendall Gt-1 full synthetic 5w 20, Castrol full synthetic 5w20 (gold bottle) and Milesyn full synthetic 5w20. I will be using a Fram Ultra filter. Getting ready for the hot humid southern summer.
  8. The_Captain

    Exhaust recommendation!

    I recently purchased a 2017 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited. I want to upgrade the exhaust. Looking for a little more aggressive tone WITHOUT interior DRONE! I am thinking about an axle back system or muffler replacement. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  9. The_Captain

    Everglide EGS Oil Additive

    Has anyone heard of or used Everglide EGS Synthetic Engine Oil Additive? It uses a nano based moly-graphene technology. I seen it on Amazon. I did some reading on it. The synthetic product is supposed to have a group 5 base stock. The little bit of information you can get on moly-graphene is...
  10. The_Captain

    Team Ultra Synthetic vs. NAPA Gold

    I have found that Fram now makes a Ultra Synthetic for my 3.6 Pentastar Grand Cherokee. I have been using a NAPA gold since the first oil change. I have never used a Fram Ultra filter. Which is better? And why? Thanks for the input. I will still be using Kendall 5W-20 synthetic blend.
  11. The_Captain

    High Mileage vs Regular oil

    My understanding is that high mileage oil has seal conditioners and other additives that regular oil does not have or has less of in their formulations. Why not just use high mileage in a non high mileage engine (30,000 miles)? Would it hurt anything? It seems like it would be beneficial...
  12. The_Captain

    Clean boost EMT

    Anybody have any experience with this product? Clean boost EMT metal teatment.
  13. The_Captain

    Tire recommendations?

    Looking to replace the POS OEM Goodyear tires on my Grand Cherokee. The Goodyear tires only have 24k miles on them. They were rotated every 5k and were nitrogen filled by the stealership. Now, looking for a solid all season tire with good wet traction and long tread life. My Jeep is AWD. Tire...
  14. The_Captain

    VOA Castrol Edge Black 5w 20 w/ti

    Iron <1 Chromium <1 Lead <1 Copper <1 Tin 2 Aluminum 5 Nickel <1 Silver <1 Titanium 7 Silicon 6 Sodium 10 Potassium 6 Magnesium 7 Calcium 2309 Barium <1 Phosphorus 754 Zinc 832 Molybdenum 81 Boron 363 Water <0.05 Coolant No Viscosity CST 100c 9.8 Base Number 7.5 This analysis was done by NAPA...
  15. The_Captain

    Factory Fill Magic Elixir?

    I wanted some opinions about factory fills. Do you think they still or ever put in special additives? I am not talking about flat tappet or custom built engine. I am talking about your average vehicle rolling off the assembly line. It is my opinion that the factory fill on my Jeep is Pennzoil...
  16. The_Captain

    Wax recommendations

    I just got a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee in ballistic silver. The Jeep was built in April. I wanted to put a good wax or protectant on the front bumper and hood to keep bug guts from damaging my paint. How soon can I put something on the paint? What do you recommend? I have a new bottle of...
  17. The_Captain

    Oil temps?

    I wanted to get some opinions about oil temperatures. What would you consider a poor, average, good or great oil temp for 85+ degree weather? Thanks!
  18. The_Captain

    What is optimal operating temperature?

    What do you consider optimal operating temperature an engine needs to reach to ensure moisture burn off? How long does the engine need to stay at that temperature to remove moisture? It takes my pentastar a while to get to an oil temp of 174 degrees. If I sit in a drive-thru or a traffic back up...
  19. The_Captain

    Why not more titanium?

    I read over what information I could find about titanium as an oil additive. I sounds like it would be a solid addition to just about any engine oil. Why are there so few oils that use it as an additive? Is there something we are unaware of when it come to its use? Is Castrol titanium the same...
  20. The_Captain

    3.6 Pentastar easy on oil?

    So yesterday went on a little road trip with a mixed medley of driving conditions. I had some city traffic with stop lights and highway speeds of 80 mph. I kept a watch on oil temp, engine temp and oil pressure. The temp outside was low 90's with oppressive humidity. So here are the numbers...