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    Understanding what to look for.......

    I understanding buying a good brand or the factory oem filter but what makes one better than another beyond marketing? When Im at the store and inspecting a new filter in the box, what should I be looking for? Do I want a heavier filter? Or a larger filter that fits? My understanding is that...
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    Charged Particle Motor Oil Theory

    I was eating my Wheeties this morning while waiting for my 300,000mi Crown Vic to warm up that 5w-50 in the sump and I got to thinking about charged particles potential for use in Motor Oil or even gear oil. The idea would be to somehow negatively charge the motor oil particles and in turn...
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    I Decided on DOT3, Am I Wrong?

    Hey BITOGers, I recently did a full brake change consisting of all 4 pads and rotors on a 2010 Honda Civic. When it came time for brake fluid I made a call to use DOT3 instead of the perhaps more advantageous DOT4 when bleeding the entire system. My decision was based off a few factors: 1. I...
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    Toyotas Website, Industry Worst?

    Even some of the cheaper auto brands have better websites than Toyota. Im trying to compare trims and see if I really need the "Limited" trim and Im having a difficult time comparing them. Then when you want to build the car and it comes to the option menu, its difficult to see every item which...
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    Milwaukee tools

    Am I the only one on here who is constantly browsing the selection of various cordless tools by milwaukee? I'm slowly looking to upgrade and update some of my tools and add some various power tools to the mix. Specifically the cordless brushless power sockets & the high torque impacts. It seems...
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    Filter Bypass Pressure... Why doesn't this matter?

    Hey BITOGers, I've got a question that ive been wrestling with lately. If an incorrect filter is used with the incorrect bypass pressure, wouldn't that potentially allow unfiltered oil to circulate the engine? If my Toyota specs a filter that has a 20 lb bypass spring but I use a filter with a...
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    Straight 30w in Hot Climates

    Hi BITOG users, Anybody using straight 30wt in hotter climates n their passenger vehicles? - I'm talking the greater CA/AZ area where temps rarely dip into freezing temps. Would a vehicle which is spec'd for 5w-30 have any issues with this? Thanks!
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    Diesel (Passenger Vehicles) in Hot Climates

    Hey all Just wanted to see if any other members seem to notice a trend in modern diesel passenger vehicles (Cars and trucks) where they and their emission systems seem to hold up better in hotter climates such as the south west? Because modern diesels heat to burn off catalysts and get up to...
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    Manufacturers, Bypasses & Large Sumps

    Hey BITOGERS, I had a quick question regarding the thought processes of major manufacturers in extending the recommended oil change intervals. -- Why don't major manufacturers just make the oil capacity larger and include some kind of multiple filter/ bypass/ magnets to extend oil change...
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    How can both of these oils be excellent options?

    Hey Guys, I just have a quick question which stems from alot of the advice and discussions which I am commonly reading through. Specifically a "Cheaper" oil and a "Top Tier" oil both being excellent choices for ordinary passenger vehicles (...?) Im just going to use for Example, Chevron...
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    Vaccum Oil Extractor

    Hey BITOGERS! I want to jump on the vaccum oil extractor bandwagon but I dont know where to start really. I suppose i should just pull the trigger on a cheapo from Amazon. I need at least 7qt capacity for the large sump Mercedes in my life. Any opinions on this one? : <a...
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    Beyond Warren Oil Company... Any white label oil producers?

    Hey BITOGers, The thought occurred to me the other day, are there any other major oil manufacturers who create white label oil products under different names? We all know Warren makes oils under several other brand names (Supertech, Mag1, AmazonBasics etc) but are there any other companies who...
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    Beyond Rockauto, Where are you guys buying parts?

    I'm tired of the Rockauto shipping games and quality control issues. Where are you guys buying good replacements (not OEM) online? I find myself dabbling between Amazon, Ebay and even Napa but I cant seem to find the selection that RA always had
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    Why manufacturer would only recommends Semi Synthetic

    So im in the market for a new bike and per the owners manual the bike requires a JASO MA2 oil in 15w-50 but requires it to be Semi-Synthetic. Any reason not to use a traditional motorcycle JASO MA2 Synthetic? Thank you all in advance EDIT: This is for an Air-cooled Royal Himilayan 2019
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    There are alot of Rich BITOGers

    Afternoon everybody... The more and more older threads I read through (and new threads) I see some people on here with some impressive rides. Corvettes, Porsches, Buicks etc and I cant help but get the feeling that the BITOG forum has a lot of well to do members. Plus Ill see the stashes of 200+...
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    Do you think Amazon will eventually just give up?

    Amazon has had their "Amazon Basics" line of oil out for a long time now and im not here to debate if its selling well or not.... But I've noticed they have slightly been lowering their price for the last few months. Due to the crowded marketplace, similar offerings (Probably the same) from...
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    Is Liquimoly Overrated?

    Hey BITOGers Ive never seen a oil analysis which really showed an amazing result when using Liquimoly.... Is the stuff overrated especially when you factor in the cost? Can't most of the same spec's be met with a lot of the Mobil 1 or Castrol offerings?
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    Mini cooper S - Euro Oil required?

    Hey Guys, I picked up a pretty cherry 2005 Mini cooper s with the supercharged chrysler derrived 1.6L engine. The manual stipulates either 5w-30 or 5w-40 LL01 is applicable. The sticker on the air filter cover says 5w-30. The maintenance minder on this thing wants to click over 12,000 miles...
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    Is Cost the Only Reason Not to use OEM Oil?

    Hey Guys, So my question is that yes most of the manufacturers sell their own brand of oil at the dealership which we as consumers can go and purchase and DIY the fluid changes. Why dont more people purchase the OEM oils? Rarely on here do I see it discussed that "OEM X Oil" is just re...
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    Best DIY Car Washing Starter Kit?

    Hey Guys, We all know those "Gift Boxes" that appear around the holidays which include car wash, a mitt, some wheel cleaner etc..... Is there one out there which is the best starter kit? I recently moved and would like to upgrade my car wash gear but I dont know if buying individual items is...