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    Top Off Oil Choices

    This made me laugh, exactly what I was thinking
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    RP HPS 5w30 - 5,300 miles - 2013 Ram 1500 w 5.7L Hemi

    I'm not really blown away by Royal Purple oils. The Moly is an impressive number but the rest of the add pack doesnt really seem too impressive. I'd be interested to see if you changed to a more conventional Pennzoil/ Mobil 1 to see if there is any change in the wear. Probably not much.
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    2022 Ford Maverick

    Whats the going rate for a Crown Vic these days
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    0W-16 or 0W-20 for road trip?

    Ive got about 20,000 miles on my 2020 Rav4 Hybrid with this engine. Mine tows regularly, lives in hilly Phoenix AZ, and is idled on construction sites for hours at a time. Im going to split the difference and just run 0w-20 changed every 7K miles. On this thing, the oil doesn't even change color...
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    Super Tech Synthetic 5w30, 10,855 on oil, 2015 F150 2.7L EcoBoost @ 126,584 miles

    I'd be curious to see Magnatec as a comparison between these two. Nothing wrong with that report for 10K.
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    0w16 for new hybrid

    I just clicked 20,000 miles on my 2020 Rav4 Hybrid. I love the car and Ive been using the free oil changes every 10K from toyota but in between changing my own oil with 0w-20. The manual does say that 0w-20 is fine to use if you can not source 0w-16. And thats good enough for me living in...
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    It's started...

    Cars wear out.
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    review: '16 Mini Cooper S hatch

    Any updates on the Mini?
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    2021 F150 PowerBoost MPG

    If this truck were available last year, I certainly would have bought one. Ford has been doing hybrid tech for well over 2 decades now and they have it figured out and I think this truck hits a good Niche. 26 MPG out of a full size truck is excellent.
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    Can thicker oil cause more wear?

    But does running thicker oil cause (or expel) more heat?
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    2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid AWD Touring: Thoughts?

    Test drive the Rav4 Hybrid before pulling the trigger
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    People who insist on using motorcycle brand oil

    I'm too chicken to put anything but motorcycle specific oil into my KTM 1090 although im the biggest advocate for T4 in shared sump bikes. The KTM gets Liquimoly 10w-50 which is sort of a hard oil grade to find outside of motorcycle world. My old Yamaha FZ1 rode many miles on T6 for years. The...
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    Speaking as someone who is certified in hackjobery and ghetto rigging, I can say that kids toothpaste works no better than regular crest or colegate. EDIT: I dont need the harassing PM's
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    I been doing this for years and years with no adverse effects. I dont need the liberal media to tell me what right. Somewhere ya working where u dont got luxury burn ointments - But if you keep your teeth right then you gonna relieve alot of pain easily.
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    Little known fact, Toothpaste on a fresh burn is the best remedy.