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    Welding an M16 Stud to Thin Chassis Metal

    I'm getting the idea this is some plate that was put inside a folded metal tube member, which is now welded shut with no access.
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    Thinnest x-30 for long trip?

    Weather is cool there now, so you can cover half the radiator with cardboard. This will save about 2% fuel.
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    Lubro-Moly oil?

    What was the price on the 5w-40?
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    Read my dipstick...

    Did you steal my dipstick? That looks exactly like the one from my Subaru, complete with the blackening sanded off. Mine would be that colour after 10000 km.
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    Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy-MPG Increase Real??

    Covering the front grille will keep the engine warmer between trips.
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    Welding an M16 Stud to Thin Chassis Metal

    I guess it's good that it broke while working on it, and not while driving.
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    burglar gets killed by samurai sword!!!!

    I want a taser shotgun, that shoots a dozen charged electrodes in a spread, so I don't even have to aim.
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    burglar gets killed by samurai sword!!!!

    What if someone is drunk and enters your home by mistake? Would you still feel the same level of threat? Maybe a home taser would be a good idea. You can use it to instantly disable an intruder and then check to see if he had bad intentions.
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    Smoke Free Rental Cars

    Leave a quarter pound of limburger under the seat and see if they can smell any smoke.
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    Welding an M16 Stud to Thin Chassis Metal

    Is it a spot weld that broke loose? Can you post a pic?
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    Lazy people and lipo

    Looks like a fat tax is on the horizon, if that is true about it causing the need for knee surgery.
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    SCANGAUGE ll - who uses 1 ?

    I've have got one too. The gasoline use readings are likely bogus, since my trips to work consume exactly the same amount every time, within 0.01 litres.
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    Lazy people and lipo

    Where's my lipo-biodiesel? Excess skin is a problem when lots of weight is lost, as psiclone mentioned.
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    Smoke Free Rental Cars

    What if you store smoked meat in the car for a few days?
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    Must act now !!!

    Very easy to honeypot that one and find out who they are, or at least which computers are infected with something, if they are actually logging in to the email accounts you give them.
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    Oil for engine storage

    A 4-cycle marine engine oil should have this.
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    SURGERY HOLIDAYS - anybody been on one ?

    You can get it for $1500 an eye in Canada, or thereabouts. (canadian dollars)
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    SURGERY HOLIDAYS - anybody been on one ?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: tonycarguy</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Are you really going to save that much for a relatively inexpensive procedure like Lasik? The financial benefit comes from things that cost tens of thousands, not a few...