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    SuperTech Filter Changed to Cheaper Construction

    I'm pretty upset with the bean counters at WalMart. Their SuperTech filters were touted on this forum, and I've used them for years now. But NO MORE. I'm about ready to put their ST-8A on my minivan for it's semi-annual oil change, and take out of the box. I look at it and see what's...
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    High Mileage Oils--Do they Work?

    Do the high mileage oils with more seal conditioners work? Anybody got a leaky set of seals on their engine and the higher mileage oils actually stopped the leaks? I just had the timing belt and front engine seals done on my 3S-FE Camry, and the mechanic said the rear seal leaks too. So, I've...
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    Modern Turbo-diesel Autos--When will we get one?

    I'm not talking about a Ford F-150 for towing, I'm talking about a 4 cylinder or small V-6 for a modern medium sized car like a Ford Fusion, or a Nissan, Mazda, or a Dodge Caliber. That portion of the market is absolutely empty around these parts, where it's booming in other markets. Now that...
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    Both SL & SM Grades On Shelves Now

    I just went through a couple of Wallyworlds and Pep Boys looking for oil and filters for my summer weight changes. I found both API rated SL & SM grades intermixed for some oil brands at these stores. I could not find the SM rating in the 20w-50 grade I use for one of my rides, but I could...
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    Bearing or Axle Noise, 89 Celebrity 4 cyl 3 speed auto

    I've got a weird clunking noise from the drivetrain, one that I can feel in my seat. Seems like it's tied to the wheel rotation. I've got the front end jacked and blocked, and by sounding it's not from the transmission case (so I don't think it's the final drive). All that's left are the half...
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    Saw Mobil 1 at Sams Club, $3.88/qt

    In 6 quart cases, $23.30 a case. First time I've ever seen quart bottles for less than the going rate, currently $4.88/qt around here. Sure wish they bottled the 5 qt jugs again. What a deal those were.
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    Why not Walmart branded Synthetic?

    It's $3 quart versus $4.75 for most others. Why not?
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    Quaker State ATF+3 Clearance Sale at K-mart

    Mopar owners take note. I bought their entire stock of 10 quarts, at $1.80 quart. Slightly cheaper than Pep Boys at $2.10 quart and O'reilly's Citgo ATF+3 at $2.18 quart. This is for my 97 Dodge Grand Caravan with it's notoriously weak 4-speed auto. This will be it's first filter and flush, at...