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    Maple workbench tops

    Nice post there Astro. I too marvel at the old master's benches. I once got to see Franz Klaus' bench at a seminar. Beautiful work. My current bench is based on plans from Lee Valley. The base uses multiple threaded rods to ensure rigidity, tightening when necessary and disassembly should it...
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    The AT&T maze

    I thought I recalled titling my post "The Rat&t Maze". That's indeed what it is. "Work for a telco?" ???? Doesn't parse. No FIOS, nor gargoyle fiber in my neighborhood....only cable 'net for alternative. I don't trust gargoyle phone/email/search/etc. All browsers are prevented from running...
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    Sub amp selection

    Look up who sells ferrites on Digi-key or Mouser, then call the manufacturer, inform them of your HRO status and ask for engineering assistance. Also ask Q's on a ham forum. There is lots of good info in the ARRL Handbook. You don't need to buy it either; you can borrow/ILS from a library...
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    The AT&T maze

    It's now Sept. and Rat&t is still unable to straighten out and correctly ID my ADSL June statement. The old POTS went from $20 to $25 to $30-something and ADSL jumped from $20 promo-rate to $56/mo for 6Mb/s. Ratt thinks this rational. Their own CRD reps don't understand a 'bit' from a 'byte'...
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    What's everyone's favorite wax while you dry?

    Another vote for DG AquaWax. Great stuff.
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    Maple workbench tops

    Are you building one or just curious?
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    Sub amp selection

    As a fellow HRO, I understand. Class-D in a vehicle with unshielded power & spkr lines is asking for frustration as putting the whole amp in a copper cage still is not enough. You need to stop both emitted and radiated noise. An o'scope would be a useful diagnostic tool. Have you tried ferritte...
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    Shoe adhesive

    Sonneborn NP-1 urethane adhesive. Available in many colors too.
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    Tried to rent a house

    Your employer has put you in a tight bind, with a short time frame to act. How sure if this move will last? Smells fishy. Re: 'landowner': R u n L i k e [cendored] Avoid sharks at all costs, particularly when they give you this amount of early warning.
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    Austin, TX

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Terry Black's has working pits at the Barton Springs Road location (which for old-time Austinites used to be Holiday House), so not all the meat is brought from Lockhart. The hipsters in the neighborhood...
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    Legalise To Leaving an Auto In A Will?

    I'm now nearly finished with this monumental task. No doubt orders of magnitude more complex for those with a spouse, kids, parents still alive, siblings, step-children....small wonder so many put it off...just like taxes. Who wants to think about their death, collecting all the necessary...
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    Which Nikon DSLR?

    Once you decide, check KEH camera brokers.
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    Filing down a square surface

    I've done similar using a Taig lathe.
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    10+ Inches of Rain

    So you're the one hogging all the rain! Burned to a crisp down here...even so close to the Gulf.
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    What is this? And where can I buy more?

    Lee Valley McMaster-Carr
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    BBQ Cart Nearly Finished

    This will be the third time I've attempted to upload the rest of the photos......
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    DirecTV rant

    This is what happens when bean-counters/MBAs take hold. Only thing that matters is the bottom line, not really the customers paying their salary. Just look at what happened to Dell a few decades ago. They had great reputation for CS. Then they out-sourced it to some third-world call center...
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    Printing a PDF

    Which 'software CD'? Need more information....
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    New T-fal cast iron skillet came pre-warped

    Aggravating indeed, especially when new. Electric or gas range?
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    New tv's just don't last

    See my Samsung repair post....two years old. Neighbor gave it to me as I'd never disassembled one before. Due to a faulty LED backlight, the constant current backlight driver increased the voltage > 200Vdc if I recall. Backlight strips are not designed to handle this, so one began burning from a...