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    Additive for break in

    I poured half a bottle into a 440 Dodge powered motorhome and for the first time in a while the lifters quit talking to me.
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    Lubeguard vs.Autorx

    To get back to the original question, I don't think there is an answer. They are different kinds of products. But it is interesting that both products are product driven and not marketing darlings. Both have long term development paths and are well supported right down to being able to call and...
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    Flushing motor

    Some of these engine flush products claim to work in 20-30 minutes, then drain it and put in new oil. I would worry about something that works that quickly. To me it sounds like the oil cure for ring seating, Bon-Ami down the intake with the engine running. This was actually recommended by...
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    Car Wants More Oil

    Start a routine like checking the oil first thing in the morning before starting the engine. You won't have to remove the stick, wipe it and put it back, you can just pull it out and read the level. That way you can know exactly where the level is. You might also check it when it's hot later...
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    Auto-Rx maintenance dose...

    My brother and his wife rented a mobile home for vacation. It's a GM chassis with a big block gas engine. The rented it for the winter to escape the cold weather. The got a reduced rate because the rented it for three months and agreed to do the minor maintenance, change oil, check things off a...
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    Public high school graduation rates

    Playing back some Jay Walk's from TIVO makes me think that education is in trouble. Jay asked a high school student in what year did the Civil War start, answer, a long time ago, 1920. Next student, who did we declair our independence from, answer, Canada or was it France. Question, why do we...
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    bleeding the clutch

    mechtech2 you are right, but it's sooo slow.
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    Pressure - more is better

    I do 40psi in all my tires. I think it helps the tires last longer and keeps the tire more stable in a panic stop. I have used a contact pyrometer and for a given speed on the freeway the temps were a bit lower and more important more even across the width of the tread. This I tested a bunch of...
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    Battery question

    Pledge keeps your battery looking like brand new. It also stops that low level corrosion around the leads. Your battery will like like the day you purchased it on the day you recycle it. You will not need any grease or WD-40. Try it and let me know what you think. If you don't like it just give...
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    Public high school graduation rates

    The passing score needs to be determined after the tests have been graded. That way the administrators can make the parents and public feel good, just like they do with the students. It’s unfair to single out a student by giving him a failing grade. Also asking questions in class of a single...
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    *New Amsoil SSO 0w-30

    If you did not go thicker in your quest for lower oil consumption you might not get all you're looking for.
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    What makes Brand "X" ATF better than Brand "Y"?

    For most people it's advertising or uninformed friends and mechanics. Also Mobil 1's factory fill program is pretty convincing. I really doubt that many do research, look at UOA's, contact triboligists or become BITOG members and figure out who to listen to and who to ignore (or is it whom?). I...
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    Redline SI-1 or Lucas UCL for long-term use?

    I have had good results with Red Line fuel additive and also one from Renewable Lube, Inc. Actually I think that the RLI gas additive helped to reduce visible smoke in an older car I have that smokes on startup and when I slow down comming off the freeway. The RLI did not help startup but did...
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    Looking for a Dispenser Bottle

    Johnny, how much was the shipping? Great looking bottle. Looks like a good idea for the Auto-Rx maintenance dosing.
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    Leaking main seal on my 93 Civic with 260k miles

    The problem with bringing seals back is the expetation that it will happen quickly. One good thing with Auto-Rx is that it slows you down. You get the idea that maybe it will be three or four thousand miles to get those seals working again.
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    Oil Question - 2005 Cummins 5.9 Turbo Diesel

    Do you plan to keep this truck and do you do your own oil changes and minor service?
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    Since Amsoil is so good, why doesn't every1 use it

    Well, have we figured out why Al Amatusio has not saved us all from using panther pi$$? I'll bet that if we could get Pablo to stop riding bicycles and participate in more BITOG threads we could get more people on board with Amsoil.
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    getting rid of admin log in screen...

    Google the phrase "disable windows login" and start there. You will find way too much information on how to do it. Always try Google and practice up on your phrases. There is a boat load of help, those that can't wait to share a tip or two.
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    Slow Down a Little, Save a Lot of Gas

    If you have a regular commute you can save gas by counting the number of times you push on the brake pedal and try to keep the count low. Sometimes good mileage is a matter of getting involved. You know how to do it, you just have to keep at it.
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    bleeding the clutch

    Try one of those vacuum pumps. Don't waste your time.