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    2021 Ford Explorer Timberline

    Gonna go with a nope, Cotton. Still waiting on the actual Bronco. Screw this family SUV with some off-road tires and "retuned" suspension.
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    FCA Salesperson's Employee Discount Scam Cost The Company $8.7m

    Please PM me your address, I'll send Fox Mulder your way, my dude.
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    2017 Jetta 5 speed

    Dang I have a 6-speed Jetta at 32K mi. I planned to change the fluid at 40K intervals... maybe I should make it 30K.
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    FCA Salesperson's Employee Discount Scam Cost The Company $8.7m

    Hmm... maybe that should tell Chrysler they're charging too much for their cars. They still made money.
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    Should i sell my truck? (Get a "real" truck later)

    I can literally sell my Jetta for what I paid for it to Carmax right now... the only reason I haven't is because I'm in the middle of a mortgage refinance.
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    Rebuilt my NP246 Transfer Case On My Dining Room Table

    I built my Harley engine up in the condo I owned in Minneapolis... :)
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    Rebuilt my NP246 Transfer Case On My Dining Room Table

    Well, it's got a lot of assembly grease in it... so is that the olive oil? Hahahahah.
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    Rebuilt my NP246 Transfer Case On My Dining Room Table

    I'm single so I can do this kind of thing. I don't have much love for the table, so I don't care about scratches... it was bought at a Salvation Army store. Anyway, rebuild went well except I snapped the poppet detent spring (which you see sitting on the gear) retaining bolt... didn't realize...
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    March 2021 Global EV numbers.

    You know what's stupid? White seats. Why would you get white seats in your Tesla? One bad fart after some Taco Bell and it's all over.
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    March 2021 Global EV numbers.

    I'd get an electric, if it wouldn't cost me $5,000 just to install a charger in my space in my building's basement parking garage. Where is my hydrogen-powed car that I can fill up at a fuel station in a few minutes?
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    Bleeding cooling system

    If a pump is not on the front of an engine whereby I can easily get to it, I pay someone else to deal with it. I don't have the patience for that ****.
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    If you are looking at Frigidaire appliances and have an IKEA nearby...

    Look I'm just excited that my Fisher and Pykel drawer dishwasher still works perfectly and it's been in service for like a decade. The originals aren't known to last. Mine has. Knock on rich mahogoney because I love the design 1,000x over the standard dishwasher design.
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    Bleeding cooling system

    If this vehicle has a separate rear heating zone, you will need to bleed that system, too. Otherwise you have air.
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    Does oil get darker because of dirt?

    Buy Royal Purple oil... it's dark before you even pour it into the car. :)
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    General Tire : New all weather tire : Altimax 365 AW

    Don't care if they're a copy of Michelins. If they are NOT made in China and are good tires, I'd buy them (if I lived up north). I'm one of those people that will pay more for a lower rated tire if the top rated tire is made in China and the next best is made in anywhere but.
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    Looking for 6x8 speaker suggestions

    Not many good 6x8 options. I'd router out a mount from at least 3/8 plastic and use a good 6.5" speaker or component. Installation matters 10x more than the quality of the speaker. In my car audio moonlighting days, I installed high end sound quality systems and I installed midrange systems...
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    Yeah, so did you ask it if it runs 0W40 in its car that calls for 5W30, or?
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    I15 on a Saturday. (worthless rant post)

    The real question is why you aren't just getting the phone delivered to you online.
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    What % of submitted rebates have you received back?

    I only refuse to do the rebates if the rebate comes in the form a Visa card.
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    Thinking about an Audi A3

    My friend had an A3. The suspension felt like it was made with granite... it was unpleasant, IMO. Maybe he had his tires inflated too much... I dunno.