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    How may people keep a car for a long time...

    My wife's '06 HHR is longest time frame we have ever kept a car. Purchased new in July of '06 it has been with us for 8.5 years. We have kept it because it's paid for and we really don't want a payment just to have a new car. She drives it locally and take care of the car so its fine for...
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    A great reason to change your own oil

    Several years I switched back to changing the oil in my personal vehicles because a lot of the shops didn't have 5W-20 & 5w-30 oils for the Honda's and Ford's that we owned at the time. The shops were filling them with 10w-30 bulk oil of unknown origin. After asking the shop why they put 10w-30...
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    ISX 550HP Cummins

    So yes, I think 2 gallons week are going somewhere... Any drivers with a diesel pick up work there?
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    ISX 550HP Cummins

    I work for a commercial truck leasing company and we use the Rotela-T exclusively. Most of our fleet is running Volvo D-13 / Mack MP8 but we have a fair amount of Cummins ISX 500hp/13-Speed & ISX 450hp/10-Speed powered Volvos. We have had zero issues with out of the norm oil consumption on any...
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    racking my brain over next vehicle purchase

    As far as the HHR is concerned I would look past it. My wife has one and we owned it since new. Purchased in '06. The 2.4 has had one issue with the Cam Position Actuators. Which created insane hard shifting but the engine ran fine (gotta love computer engine management systems) I replaced both...
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    Anyone use tool carts

    Most of the techs at our truck dealership and our leasing company use tool carts. In the heavy/medium truck industry it seems hard to get away with just a cart but they usually operate with their most commonly used tools in the cart and work out of it 80% of the time. I'm not a professional...