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    Kaspersky Certificate Warning Connection not Protected

    Kaspersky popped up a certificate warning this morning that connection was not safe at BITOG.
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    92 Oldsmobile removing heater core...need advice.

    Removing and replacing heater core on a 92 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme S, 3.1 engine, LHO VIN T. Down below in bold, and underlined is what I don't completely understand from the repair manual. "Disconnect the negative battery cable. Properly drain the engine coolant into a suitable...
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    Turbo Hydramatic 125C pan leaking...gasket material choices.

    Had the old three speed transmission rebuilt just a bit over 2.5 years ago, and just recently the pan is leaking lots. The trans shop used a cork gasket on the pan. I guess I could re-torque the pan bolts, but not sure that would help with the leak. I plan on dropping the pan, and installing a...
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    Chinese Zama RB-K93 carb kits for Echo GT-225 weed eater

    Have an Echo GT-225 weed eater that's seven years old this month. Have done absolutely zero maintenance on it. Went to crank it up, and it was being stubborn to fire. Finally got it cranked, and it ran OK. Bought a new spark plug, and changed that out, and it is cranking up easy now. Fuel...
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    The Devil We Know--Dupont C-8 PFOA/Teflon

    Just watched The Devil We Know documentary on Neflix. It's very disturbing to see what Dupont has done. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    2006 Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape 3.0 Alternator removal

    Neighbor across the street alternator is not charging. Asked me to take a look at it. OMG what in the heck were the engineers smoking when they placed the alternator on the bottom back side of the engine. This job is going to be a super PITA. This alternator has two shrouds on it. I reckon...
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    Vision-OE new power steering pumps/Quality?

    Vision-OE used to be called Visteon Aftermarket. They are part of BBB Industries one way or another. There is finally a new power steering pump available from Vision-OE for late 80's to early 2000 model GM vehicles with 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4 engines. Tired of the reman pumps. The reman I have...
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    Email from Amazon Sign in code--hacked or what's going on

    Just got an email from Amazon. "Your sign-in code is: XXXXXX Amazon takes your account security very seriously. Amazon will never email you and ask you to disclose or verify your Amazon password, credit card, or banking account number. If you receive a suspicious email with a link to update...
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    Any feeler gauges that don't rust?

    Have two different sets of feeler gauges that I bought almost a year ago, and both of them are starting to rust. One set is NAPA service tools brand, and the other is OEM brand. I keep them stored in a drawer inside the house to keep them out of elements much as possible. They have a light...
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    TYC, Depo, Night Eyes light assemblies

    Need a turn signal lamp assembly for the right front of my 1992 Toyota pickup. The bulb holder housing cracked/split, and was letting moisture in, and it corroded to the point where I can't get it to work properly. I bought a TYC side marker assembly just over a year ago, and it still works...
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    Best way to remove broken push-in petcock from radiator?

    Changed oil and filter on my 92 Olds yesterday, and during my underneath inspection I found that the radiator drain petcock was leaking. Went to tighten it up, and it just started leaking more. It would not tighten because the stem was broke. I ended up taking a a small flat head screwdriver...
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    Catalytic converters aftermarket

    Need to replace the catalytic converter on my 92 Toyota pickup. Still has the original converter with 300,000 miles on it plus at least one head gasket leak with coolant going through it. Current engine has about 185,000 miles, and it's not an oil burner. Going to buy a direct fit, so I can...
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    Way too much fuel--coming out of the exhaust--22RE

    Just got my 1992 Toyota pickup with the 22RE put back together the other day. Basically rebuilt the top end plus new timing chain and other new parts. Did not have the injectors rebuilt, but I did clean up the holes where the injector seats into the lower intake, and I did install seal kits...
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    Toyota 22RE top end rebuild starts tomorrow.

    Tearing down my 92 Toyota 22RE engine tomorrow. New head, timing chain kit, water pump, and oil pump will be installed. My plan to seal it all back up. This engine does use gaskets except for the oil pan, and the oil pan uses Toyota FIPG or equivalent. I plan on using Gasgacinch/Edelbrock...
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    Thread cleaning tap--M12 x 1.25 for block

    Need a M12 x 1.25 thread cleaning tap, so I can clean the block head bolt holes on my Toyota pickup . All I can find is ARP 912-0006 thread cleaning tap, and it is ridiculously priced round about $65 to $70. I can find plenty of regular four flute cutting taps, but I don't think I should be...
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    Vibration at 56 to 59 mph on acceleration.

    Vehicle is my, new to me, 92 Toyota pickup 2wd with 297,000 miles. Have a vibration around 56 to 60 mph when I am giving it the gas in fifth gear. Really noticeable when going up hill at those speeds, but stops if I left off the gas. On flat land, vibration is still there, but not nearly as...
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    Toyiota 22RE chain slap gone. Oil or Filter both?

    New to me Toyota pickup with the 22RE had chain slap at start up for a second or two after it sit all night. Don't know what oil it had in it, but it had a Valvoline filter when I bought it. Changed the oil and filter, and put in Pennzoil HM 10W-30, and used a Toyota 90915-YZZD1 oil filter...
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    Anybody else switching over to CK-4/SN?

    Oil change due on my Toyota pickup with the 2.4 22RE. Book calls for 10W-30 motor oil. After looking over the product data sheet for Chevron Delo XLE 10W-30 CK-4/SN dual rated, I think it would work good for this truck. Thinking I should be able to do 5,000 mile oil chain intervals easily on...
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    Lube King SAE 90 EP GL-4 gear lube

    Anybody using it in a manual transmission that needs GL-4? $26.88 for 2 gallons is a good price. Just wondering how this would shift in the winter time around 32F. <a href=""...
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    Windows 10 Creators Update now live.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Use the update now button. Have it installed now, and I did not have any problems updating.