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    Hot Shots Secret Sauce

    It poa base with ester base with there secret ingredients .
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    Best "high mileage" oil to stop leaks...

    Valvoline maxlife best for slow leak used recommended viscosity by mfg of car.
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    Mobil 1 alkylated naphthalene (AN) and Esterex ?

    Mobil drop tri-syn because it cost more to make then what currently they offer and that Katrina effect there plant so than change formula. Profit
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    Amsoil SS vs Mobil 1 EP

    As Mobil 1 ep 20000k miles is Available locally and prices is less than amsoil signature series 25k but group 4 and 5 where Mobil 1 ep is mixed form group 3,4,5 i will choose Mobil 1 ep because price with rebate it will be 50% or less price depend where you buy it from in Walmart $28 with rebate...
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    Klipsch ProMedia Computer Speakers Only $69

    Check local Walmart I have buy for $50
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    Valvoline VR1 - mixing viscosities

    Used zddp oil additive like Rislone zddp which will higher zddp and used 5w50
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    STP Ceramic oil treatment

    Liqui moly ceratec is better because of up to 30000 miles
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    Injector cleaner in Direct injection

    I was thinking about using mix of Techron concrete plus and gumout regane high mileage or all in one or redline s1 which upper cilyder lubilicant using old chemtool hose with brake booster line.
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    Mobil 1 vs Mobil Full Synthetic (new old school looking label)? whats the diff

    Mobil full synthetic or super synthetic majority group 3 while Mobil 1 line is group 3 and 4 little group 5.
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    M1 P/Zn levels - 0W-20 vs. 5W-20

    It look like oil with higher poa /group 4 less zddp then other. My 2 cents
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    NAPA Mobil 1 Sale

    Did edge high mileage will get $10 gift card because I do not see that ?.
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    5W30 instead of 10W30 for a 4 stroke

    I am using 5w30 full synthetic it burn little oil but just keep eye on oil level it will be fine .
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    Which gasoline has PEA?

    Texaco caltec and chevron used pea additive in there fuel
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    Engine sludged... Options?

    Used any cheap full synthetic oil or M1 0w40 as Trav say and change as soon you see dipstick get light brown or dark 2-3 oci then 3k oci 2-5 oci ester base oil if it fit your budget.
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    5W30 instead of 10W30 for a 4 stroke

    Used 5w30 or higher grade oil which you’re car used or have laying around full synthetic oil.
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    Nu Finish 14 oz Paste $1.95 - AAP

    Yes in store price higher than online price they can match online . Will make you order online to store pick to get that price
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    Best High-Mileage 0W-20 for Oil Consumption?

    I agree get maxlife it make my oil seepage to to no seepage at all 2 choice pennzoil high mileage
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    Ceratec and Mos2 Discussion

    I will used oem or wix or wix xp which less micron rating then ultra which might be clogged with ceratec that my 2 cents
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    Liqui moly ceratec

    I agree and even liqui moly minimum 3000 miles for ceratec to get full effect.
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    How bad is this...

    Mobil 1 high mileage or any full synthetic oil and keep oci 3000 miles for 2-3 oil change and if you want used additive used Rislone engine treatment qr100 or high mileage.