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    Head lamp Recommendations

    My headband has stretched too. What I like the most about the HL7 is the spotlight...bright in the center like it should be. Flood is very good too.
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    Head lamp Recommendations

    I have put a Coast HL7 305 Lumens(about $30) through many car repairs, fishing trips, and etc.. HL7 has a true spot light and flood by adjustment on the front. Light intensity is variable with a slide lever on the back that houses the batteries. I use rechargeable batteries, but always keep...
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    What's with all of the plastic trim on vehicles these days?

    Pretty sure he was not talking about $300 glass headlights.
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    Prestone’s push to 10 year coolants

    Dexcool was literally eating GM plastic intake gaskets. I know because I had one of those sludge monsters.
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    Getting paid online besides Paypal

    If you get paid with PayPal friends and family option, I don't think the charges can be reversed because there is no buyer protection. That's the way it use to work, but I would double check it!
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    How much better does a quality CPU cooler cool your CPU?

    Unless overclocking is involved, I have never had a cooling problem with the stock copper core Intel coolers with the push pins. The copper core Intel coolers made by Nidec are pretty dang good for a stock cooler, and is what I buy if the need arises.
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    McDonalds brings back McRib sandwich nationwide

    Most important sandwich of the year. Had one the other day...yummy.
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    Brake Bleeding

    Pneumatic brake bleeder kit from Harbor Freight has not failed me yet. Even did a 90 Volvo 240 that has ten bleeders no problem. Just need an air compressor.
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    Remembering your old TV days

    Back in the late 60's my dad would send me to the local store to pick up tubes for the TV. He was a radio man during the Korean war, so he knew how to fix the TV.
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    How much can you bench press?

    Be careful about going max weight. Once the rotator cuff tear problems start, it can become a big hindrance.
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    Grits. Yeah Or Nay?

    I like them with butter and salt or butter, salt, and a tad of sugar. Best I have ever eaten was in a restaurant in down town Atlanta. They fixed theirs with red-eye gravy, and I went for seconds.
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    NY Strip Steak

    Some times Porterhouse is cheaper, and it's supposed to have a bigger filet than t-bone. Either one is very good.
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    Turkey baking analysis

    Been buying Butterball for years following the instructions that come with the turkey, and it comes out great every time. I do stuff mine with Pepperidge Farm herb seasoned stuffing that I prepare according to the instructions. I make two packs, stuff the turkey, and then bake the rest in the...
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    McDonalds brings back McRib sandwich nationwide

    Like Tony the Tigers says, "They're grrreat!".
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    Can’t See the Forums

    Good call. Also, try a different browser on the computer. Edge or even Internet Explorer.
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    Dollar General Castrol BOGO Black Friday

    Need a couple quarts of the white for top off. Thanks for posting!
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    Radiator Drain Plug Leak: 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium

    Have seen those cheap plastic plugs go bad on brand new radiators, If it breaks when you are taking the old one out, just push the end that's stuck in the drain hole on into the radiator. The locking tab piece that breaks is a super PITA to get out especially when the radiator is installed.
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    Anyone here chew or dip snuff?

    Grizzly long cut wintergreen is good! Skoal in the same cut and flavor use to be good, but have not tried it in years. Even like a big chaw of Red Man every now and then. Rather have a good chaw every now and then than to stick those nasty fast food burgers in my pie hole.
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    The great burger thread

    Around here in NC, all the way is not lettuce, tomato, mayo. All the way is Carolina style...yummy.
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    Virgin Toyota oil filter 90915-YZZG2 cut open

    That filter has been made at least since June 15, 2017. My local Toyota dealer would not sell me the YZZD1 for my 92 Toyota 22RE because the YZZG2 superseded the YZZD1.