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    Shop used Synthetic instead on Dino

    We have a Subaru Outback that has always run on conventional and is at 83,000 miles. Today my wife took the car in for an oil change and the shop put in Mobil 1. The Mrs. asked for M-1 by mistake; our Toyota Matrix gets M-1 so she got em mixed up. Way back when the Matrix was approaching...
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    Toyota Matrix 1.8L 2ZZ-GE with M-1

    This is the first test for our 2005 Toyota Matrix 1.8L 2ZZ-GE, 160,000 miles. Used dino at 3000 mi intervals up to about 70,000 and switched to M-1 at 5,000 mi interval thereafter. Any thoughts on the higher than normal Iron? Also was not sure why the antifreeze had a question mark. Also can you...
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    Subaru Baja 2.5 L EJ253, 2750mi, Valvoline 5W/30

    This was my first test; decided to test primarily to keep tabs on the head gasket issue that some Subarus suffer. While pleased with those result in particular, I have higher than normal aluminum and iron. Your thoughts are welcome OIL Valvoline 5W/30 MILES IN USE 2,750 MILES 69,000 SAMPLE...