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    0W30 Verses 5W30 weight oils

    What are the disadvantages of using a 0W30 vs 5W30? I just bought a new Ecoboost Mustang that calls for 5W30. After a lot of research, I'd decided to use Mobil 1 5W30 based on oil analysis from this site and independent wear test. Would a 0W30 offer improved wear protection? Thanks! Jim
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    2015 Outback OCI question

    Sorry, my mistake. It is 6k rather than 5k. My daughters 2014 Legacy with the same engine and 0-20 wt. requirement is every 7.5k OCI which is what prompted my question. It sounds like the recommendation is to follow manufacture specs. Jim
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    2015 Outback OCI question

    I've been using Mobil 1 in all of my Subaru's and changing oil every 10,000 miles with a manufacture recommendation of 7,500 miles. No problems. The new Outback has switched to 0-20 and 5k OCI. I'd like to continue with the 10k OCI and use Mobil 1 Extended 15k oil as I have been. Does anyone...