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    Dawn and Polymer Sealants

    Like Zaino, Liqud Glass, Klasse, etc. Over at Auotopia the general consensus is that Dawn doesn't remove cured polymer sealents. It does remove carnuba and silicone wax coatings. If you want to take the coatings off to the raw clearcoat surface, use a 50/50 mix of Isopropl alchohol. You can...
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    76 MPG VW Beetle

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Better than a hybrid or so they claim.
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    LC20 in fuel instead of FP60

    I have a lot more LC than FP. I am thinking of using LC in the fuel when I run out of FP.
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    and a Native American feather headress
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    American Hot Rod

    That show about the Boyd Coddington shop. I've come to the conclusion that Coddington and his shop manager are terrible managers and are bullies. Their attitudes lose really good employees. I am waiting to see the shop manager get his clock cleaned sometime. I'd bet the kid 'Bluebear' could do...