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    RIP Michael Collins

    Command module pilot of Apollo 11. 90 years old. Kind of bummed since I'm fascinated by all of the Apollo program.
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    Stuck calipers = warped rotors?

    Just put new rotors on the wife's car. A few weeks ago, put new calipers and pads on after finding both fronts had frozen guide pins and the inboard pads had worn thin. Rotors were replaced about a year ago when she noted that the brakes were pulsating. Thought all was squared away, but I...
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    Contractor hiring

    Is it just me, or is it common to have some contractors not respond or are they just so busy that they don't get back to you? Trying to get estimates for a new roof, and called a guy who was recommended by friends. Talked to him on the phone, said he'd come by during the week, and had me text...
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    Unemployment ID theft

    Just found out the hard way that apparently this is a big deal going on right now. Got a letter in the mail from the unemployment office confirming my new password for online access. One problem: I've never contacted the unemployment office. Sounded pretty fishy to me. Called the...
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    Caliper guide pins frozen

    Went to change the worn out brake pads on the wife's car today, and was amazed to find the guide pins in both front calipers are frozen. Next surprise, Autozone doesn't sell the caliper brackets, only whole caliper assemblies. Got them both replaced, but other than making sure they move...
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    Samsung refrigerator ice maker stops

    It has decided to stop making ice. This one’s a little different from others I’ve seen, the arm that senses the bucket is full stays stowed, then a motor drives it down before dumping the ice. Found out about the test button to reset it, and after going through several cycles it has stopped...
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    Slow leak

    Wife's car has a slow leak in one tire, enough that after 1 month or more it loses enough to trip the light. Don't know if the shop can find one that slow, but it's slightly annoying. Can the stuff in a can take care of it, or does that create other headaches with TPMS?
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    5 year old microwave died

    Of course it had to be one of the range hood combo units. Was practically new when I got house. All of the sudden it just stopped cooking. Lights up, runs, I can hear the buzz when the magnetron turns on, but won't cook anything. Thankfully still had my old microwave that still works fine...
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    Spark plug - what a difference

    My Homelite 2-stroke blower had been getting hard to start, especially a few minutes after I shut it down. Was thinking I might have flooded it, so I pulled the original plug out. It was a Torch (not surprised), but the threads looked like they had some damage, and they were blackened, almost...
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    New leaf blower questions

    Picked up a Craftsman walk-behind blower from Lowe's. I use Sta-bil in the gas for all my OPE, but since this might get used for a just couple months each year, would it be better to drain the tank, or is shutting off the fuel valve and running the carb dry sufficient? Also, it came with...
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    BG EPR 109 observations

    Trying to see if BG's Engine Power Restorer will do anything for a 2013 Equinox. The Ecotec 2.4 drinks down oil at about 1 quart/1500 miles at 77,000 miles. Dealer won't help even though we have the letter saying we may be eligible for the piston ring service if we have excessive oil...
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    No eject option on the system tray

    Something has happened in Windows 10, and I'm scratching my head a bit. If I plug in a USB drive, it works fine, but the system tray where you could eject it shows no eject option anymore, although it shows the drive. It shows I can eject the hard drive, but it has done this ever since I first...
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    Door paint issues

    Wife's Equinox has been plagued with rust along the bottom seams of the front doors. Dealer slapped a coat of paint on while it was under warranty, but that didn't last long. A couple weeks ago I realized the front doors were looking sad again, so I took a wire wheel to the inside bottom edge...
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    Windows 10 update = wifi killer

    In a case of deja vu, my netbook booted up after a Windows update, and there’s no WiFi connection. My gaming laptop did the same thing a while back. Look in device manager, and there’s an exclamation mark next to the WiFi adapter and it says the driver failed to load. Rounded up the jump...
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    Air rifle oil

    Picked up a couple of old Daisy BB guns from my wife’s late uncle. I remember wanting one in my youth, but I had to settle for shooting ones at summer camp or friends who had them. I’ve got a model 25 and a Red Ryder, don’t know a lot about them yet. Anyway, the pumps seem to be stuck...
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    RIP Mythbuster Grant Imahara

    Man, I liked that show. Died at 49 of a brain aneurysm.
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    Ecotec 2.4 consumption went down

    Hoping it's not just a fluke, but wife's troublesome 2013 Equinox that was consuming about 1quart/2000 miles seems to have gone way down. Was running Valvoline Full Synthetic (formerly Synpower), but couldn't really justify the price for its appetite. On a whim I used plain old Pennzoil 5W-30...
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    Loctite question

    Haven't had much experience with threadlockers. The MG decided to part ways with a couple of machine screws holding the auto choke on the the carburetor. It was suggested to me to add a dab of blue Loctite to them. Only wrinkle is that the hole for one of them is tapped into the side of the...
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    Ready for power failures?

    We had a couple heavy storms already this spring, one which triggered a tornado warning for us and caused some significant damage in a neighboring county. Our power flickered a couple times, but some other folks lost power for a few days. Last week we lost power for a couple hours and there...
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    Worst accident you've witnessed

    It was 98 or 99, day after Christmas. Witnessed the car ahead of me inexplicably go left of center when the road curved to the right. Once he jumped over the low divider, I realized something bad was happening and looked at trying to pull over, since at the very least he probably damaged his...