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    Oil for MB with *warm* start knock issue

    Purchased a garage queen 2009 CLK550 with 60K miles. Car is in pristine condition, but I realized it suffers from the often hard-to-replicate warm start knock issue that plagues some M272 V6s and M273 V8s. If the car is up to temp, turned off, and then turned on again around 45 minutes to 2...
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    Need oil recommendation for high rpm Honda

    2011 Civic Si. ~71000 miles. Unmodified for 60K miles, didn't consume much oil then (<span style="font-style: italic">maybe</span> 1/3qt every 5K). It was run with whatever oil I had on the shelf basically (PP or M1 EP 5W30, didn't matter). Currently modified with bigger cams, slightly...
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    Oil for high-rpm honda motors

    I have two motors that I need oil recommendations on: 1) Stock longblock K20A (2.0L, 86x86mm), ~230WHP, running it to 8.5K daily. Motor has 55K miles on it, and running an open element air filter. 2) Built K24 block (Supertech 12.5:1 4032 alloy pistons), ported K20A head, big valves, big...