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    Dextron VI observation

    2016 2500HD, 6.0 flex fuel engine and 6L90 transmission. 56k of very light usage, nearly zero towing but using 4x4 on occasion in the winter. Changed the transfer case fluid and checked the transmission dipstick for the first time recently. Transfer case fluid was brown and nasty looking...
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    Car maintenance and home equity

    I saw some comments about wealth building in another thread and got to thinking about how lots of us maintain our cars to save money, both on labor and by keeping them running for a long time. My first thought was, jeez, compared to the wealth you can build by owning a home, the money you save...
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    M1 15w50 cold start temp

    Thanks to recommendations from this board, I recently changed over to M1 15w50 in a 505 CID hydraulic roller Pontiac engine. Have not driven the car yet. What is a safe cold start temp for this oil? I have a magnetic pan heater, how cold would it have to be to bother with the oil pan heater?
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    Great few days on BITOG

    I’m not a regular, posted here before but got really active over the past few days because a few things came up. In just a few days on BITOG, I did the following: (1) Found out Mobil makes a nice synthetic 15w50 that will work well in my 65 GTO. (2) Found out that Michelin makes a couple of...
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    Long lasting snow tires

    I have a 2500HD and been running the Blizzak w965 in the winter. Love the tire so far, but the Blizzaks have the multi-cell compound that only goes about halfway into the tread. I am getting close to running them down past the multicell compound and thinking about next winter. Is there an...
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    2500HD service intervals

    I have a 2016 2500HD with the 6.0 gas engine, 6L90E transmission, magna floor-shifted transfer case. I have about 55k on the truck and have only done regular oil changes so far. The truck is used very gently, almost never tows or hauls. I just bought it because I figured a base model 2500HD...
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    5w50 in Pontiac V8?

    Hi all, Looking for an oil recommendation for a Pontiac V8. 4.35 bore, 4.25 stroke, 2618 pistons, 505 CID, 10:1 compression, aluminum heads, forged crank & rods, Holley 850 double pumper. Cam is a retrofit hydraulic roller with just under .600 lift, 236 @ .050 intake duration and around 130...
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    ZDDP and mechanical fuel pump

    Do mechanical fuel pumps require or at least benefit from zddp in the oil? I have a hot rod pontiac v8 with a retrofit hydraulic roller and a mechanical fuel pump. I have seen some posts on other forums from those who feel that the fuel pump pushrod and cam eccentric need adequate zddp...
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    Oil filter recommendation

    65 GTO, driven less than 2k miles per year. Running 10w30 VR1, 505 CID, aluminum heads, hydraulic roller, 10:1 street engine. Cost and OCI are not concerns, just want a quality filter. I was running the K&N HP-2006 but saw some comments suggesting K&N quality has declined. Today I picked up...
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    Pontiac V8 oil observation

    I have a 65 GTO with a fresh (1300 miles) 505 CID Pontiac V8 - aluminum heads, hydraulic roller cam, fairly mild - basically, the Pontiac equivalent of a ZZ502 or something along those lines. I run Valvoline VR1 10w30 with a K&N filter. Cruise temps are 190. I observe the following: If I go...
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    Fluid for TH350

    I've got an old 72 Chevy 4x4 with a TH350. I'd like to change out the trans fluid and filter. I'm about 99% certain I can go to Wal-mart and buy the cheapest Dexron they make and I'll be fine, but I thought I'd check here first. Am I missing anything? The truck doesn't see particularly tough...
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    Oil recommendation for "hot rod" Pontiac

    Hi all, Wanted to get some thoughts from you, I have a 65 GTO with a 505 CID aftermarket Pontiac engine, aluminum heads and a mild solid roller (242 @ .050 on the intake). The builder prefers a 15w40 such as the Napa, Valvoline, or Rotella. The lifters are Isky "EZ Roll" which means they have...
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    Lifter tick or neurotic owner?

    Here's a video of my truck. First part is the oil pressure gauge at idle - you'll notice some moderate fluctuations and my foot is not on the gas. BTW I checked and the vacuum is stable at over 15". Second part of video is in the engine bay, so you can hear the noise. <a...
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    4.3 noise?

    Hi, I've got a 2007 Silverado Classic, 4.3 5 speed, 28k miles. I was running 5w30 dino and just changed recently to 5w30 Pennzoil synthetic. I don't think the oil change to synthetic CAUSED any problems but now I seem to have a tapping noise? Is it possible that the synthetic, being thinner...
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    Pick my oil

    Got an old GTO with a rebuilt street/strip engine and flat tappet solid cam. Builder is recommending a 10w40 oil and says I don't need to worry about zinc since cam is broken in already. I definitely trust him but I'd rather be uber-careful and use something with more zinc in it. Several...
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    Recommend an oil and OCI?

    Hi all, I've got an 07 Silverado 4.3 I bought new. So far I've just been going to Jiffy Lube whenever the dashboard tells me to, and letting them change with 5w30 dino oil. Got about 25k on the truck now and been thinking about whether I should start using synthetic. A couple questions: 1)...
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    Cleaning friction modifiers from a wet clutch

    Is there an additive I can add to motorcycle oil that will help remove friction modifiers from the clutch? I suspect the previous owner may have ran automotive oil.
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    "Cleaning" a wet clutch

    Just bought a 92 Nighthawk 750, about 20k miles on it. The owner had recently changed the oil. I noticed some high-rpm clutch slip, only when you are really banging on it. Apparently this bike is a little more difficult to change the clutch on than your average Japanese standard, so I'd like...