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    Pressuer Washer Pump Oil 15w-40

    Ok. I'll wait on the change and order the Simpson stuff. It's the only 15w-40 non detergent I can find. I can find SAE30 ND all day, but the 15w-40 seems like a unicorn. Anybody know of alternatives?
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    Pressuer Washer Pump Oil 15w-40

    The Simpson Oil, $10-$15 per pint. Just says "non-foaming 15w-40" The placard on the pump merely states change oil every 100 hours with 15w-40. The pump holds 8oz. of oil. Has a nice 1.5" sight glass For my viewing pleasur. I'll change the oil with T4 15w-40 that I have and see if the oil...
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    Pressuer Washer Pump Oil 15w-40

    Just picked up a used Dewalt DXPW3425 pressure washer on Craigslist. Gonna change the oil in the Pump and engine. For the pump, online manual recommends Simpson Oil for the AAA pump (8.7GA12), or 15w-40 if simpson is not available. Pump plate just states 15w-40. Will any 15w-40 work? There...
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    Bought the new 20,000 mile Supertech 0w20

    PPC is the majority stakeholder of Warren. Pritzker Private Capital
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    Bought the new 20,000 mile Supertech 0w20
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    Bought the new 20,000 mile Supertech 0w20

    I'll look for the article from chevron site, but I gathered it would be 1 product offering (for walmart stores anyway) one SKU so they wouldn't have regular and HM. So, is regular FULL Synthetic giving way to "Lifelong" oil? I sure hope not
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    Bought the new 20,000 mile Supertech 0w20

    I'm currently using the 6qt box of Havoline Pro DS. But they are moving towards a new product called "LifeLong". All mileage vehicle formation to save shelf space according to the chevron article. The new formula has seal conditioners and will do away with high mileage oils. So combining...
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    Bought the new 20,000 mile Supertech 0w20

    Looked up the "Advanced Synthetic" 20k mile oil on WM site. Took the barcode number and typed it into the site, see attached. Still made by Warren Distribution. Wish I could find a PDS on this product.
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    Liqui-Moly Engine Flush

    So, I perceive the value of flushes, I don't buy new vehicles. Most vehicles I buy start at 100k miles. Don't know the history so I do a few short OCI's before doing a flush. Here is my OCD, since (with my limited knowledge) I assume the oil I'm about to drain is spent. I change the oil...
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    Dexron HP recommend for GM power steering

    LOL. Now Pentosin CHF202 has superceded Dex HP. Regardless, when I search what is best, half the people say OEM knows best, others say use XYZ for better performance. So the synthetic ATF I have in there now is working fine (likely due to just replacing with clean fluid)
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    Trustworthy chain to change transmission fluid

    I have used Valvoline instant oil change on an 05 Santa fe. That was 2 years ago. I was surprised to learn they didn't disconnect any lines to hook to a machine. They sucked it out of the fill tube, refilled, ran engine, cycled through the gears with brake on,, sucked it out, rinse and repeat...
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    Pentosin CHF 11S in GM Power Steering

    Gm has a TSB for using Pentosin CHF202 in cold weather. I think the tsb was for 08 and up. Does yours have rack and pinion? Might check rock auto and compare AC Delvo P/N's for the pump and rack. If they are the same, I would think you would be OK. CHF is Central Hydraulic Fluid (I...
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    2008 mazda 5 transmission fluid change.

    Sorry, deleted post that was put in wrong thread
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    Dexron HP recommend for GM power steering

    Update: After I flushed my transmission with Havoline synthetic ATF, I used the balance to perform proper flush of the steering system. All quiet now. However I noticed a slight leak from the pressure hose. Fluid leaking at the crimped transition from hose to tube near the pump. (Hidden under...
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    Pulled trans cooler line, installed fitting, and flushed 10 qts of Havoline multi vehicle synthetic ATF. Used 2qts for flushing power steering by pulling low pressure hose, plugging reservoir, lifted vehicle and turned wheels lock to lock. Steering pump much quieter, transmission shifts...
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    Ever consider being a One-Car Family?

    Our kids are grown, so not having kids at home, it's much easier to be a 1 car family imho
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    Ever consider being a One-Car Family?

    My wife and I are a 1 car family. It's doable. Change of mindset and planning. And the occasional Lyft ride. We used to work at the same place, so that was much easier. Since we moved, 2 different jobs, it was harder. I bought a second car, but 8 months later sold it and we are again a 1 car...
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    New (to me) piston soak technique

    I did something similar on a Santa Fe 2.7l, with an OOPS. removed all plugs. Did the back (firewall) side first. Poured cleaner in plug holes, let sit for an hour, sucked out remaining with skinny tube and vac, then placed rags over holes. Cranked engin (no plugs no start). White shop rags were...