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    Amsoil 0W-20 brown coating/varnish on my Hondas

    Gents; Haven't posted on here in awhile...but for the last 3 years I have been running Amsoil 0W-20 in my Hondas (2006 CR-V, 2006 Civic)...1 year OCIs, up to 10K miles. Did an analysis a couple of years ago and got an "all clear" from Blackstone. I'm nearing the end of another one year...
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    Amsoil 0W-20, 5K/1yr Severe Service CRV

    Here's my analysis results for a 2006 CR-V: Miles on Oil: 5,108 (1 year) Miles on Engine: 30,669 Makeup Oil Added: 0 Qt My note: Changed this oil due to the time limit of 1 year, not mileage. When we did drive this vehicle, it was severe service -daily cold starts, <1 mile trips all winter in...
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    Amsoil 0W-20, 10K/1yr Severe Svc Civic

    Here's my analysis results for a 2006 Civic: Miles on Oil: 10,214 (1 year) Miles on Engine: 31,258 Makeup Oil Added: 0 Qt My note: I thrashed this oil. Daily cold starts, <1 mile trips all winter in Wisconsin (one of snowiest in a long time). Then moved to Virginia in time for the heat. The...
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    1-Year Amsoil 0W-20 Analysis is coming!

    Just a heads up that I have two 1-year Amsoil 0W-20 samples headed for analysis at Blackstone, so hopefully will be posting results soon. One sample is for a 2006 Civic that traveled about 10K miles and the other is for a 2006 CRV that traveled about 5K miles over the past year. Both had...
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    Chasing dreams - mine is aviation

    Hello all. Just wanted to share that I'm taking a big plunge here and pursuing my private pilot's license. I have a block of time off so I'm headed down to FL to train full time for a few weeks. The place I'm going seems like a really professional outfit with the latest planes from Cessna...
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    ABOUT politics but not political!

    I've been doing some light reading...Thomas Paine, some Washington/Adams/Jefferson/Lincoln stuff. Whether I agree with the specifics or not, what strikes me is the level of intellectual effort that these people seemed to put into their writing and speaking. Some of it is pure gold...such a cut...
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    Cute Reporter drops the S-bomb

    <a href="" target="_blank">Duluth news broadcast</a> The unfortunate (some might say natural) result of having the phrases "Thousand Footer" and "Thousand Foot Ship" on the tip of your tongue at the same...
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    Brian Westbrook is the Man

    Anybody see the Eagles/Cowboys game? Brian Westbrook had a clear shot for the end zone with just over 2 minutes on the clock, Eagles up 10-6. Instead of running it in for the score, he fell down on the 1 yard line to keep the clock running (Dallas had no time outs). McNabb took a knee a couple...
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    Ingrid Michaelson!

    Check her out at <a href="" target="_blank">Youtube - Ingrid Michaelson</a> She has a certain "what you see is what you get" vibe that I find very attractive...
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    Tribute to the CG 180-foot Seagoing Buoy Tender

    For any of you mariners out there, here's a great link to a history of the US Coast Guard's 180-foot buoy tenders: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They were built at the...
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    2006 Honda CRV Diff Fluid Failure

    Just thought I'd pass along a little tidbit - wife's 2006 CRV w/ 25K miles...rear end started chattering on sharp turns. Took it to dealer under warrantee - they changed the 'dual pump fluid' and resurfaced something in the diff. Bottom line seems to be that their dual pump fluid (with a...
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    Another history tidbit - George Washington

    Since obbop is bringing up history, I'll add an event that people should know about...the "Newburgh Conspiracy". <a href="" target="_blank"></a> George Washington saved the country (again) simply by...
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    McCain singing a song

    I don't want to get political with this, just want to share an item from the bad idea files. Someone at a press conference asked McCain if he thinks we should get tough with Iran or something (it was a pretty hard line group, I think they wanted to go nuclear). So McCain tries to make a joke...
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    Amsoil 0W-20 Release Date

    Gents; Got it from the horse's mouth that Amsoil's 0W-20 25K oil will be released 01 March!
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    Interesting Paper on auto recycling

    This is a very interesting paper on disposal of 'End of life vehicles'. Paste this address in your b <a href="" target="_blank">web page</a> Interesting points I saw: 1) Average life expectancy of an early 90's vehicle: 14 years. Amazing to...
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    Final Resolution on my parking brake 'issues'

    You may recall my recent drama trying to adjust the parking brakes on my 2006 CR-V. Well, I had them working great for awhile when we noticed that the left parking brake shoes were binding in the drum...basically they were failing to release when the handle was released. Bad smell and smoking...
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    RIP for my Cat

    Had to put my good buddy 'down' yesterday. My cat has been with us for 9 years, and frankly he's been kind of a pain in the backside. Constantly crying for food about an hour before feeding time, throwing up hairballs, and chewing whatever plastic we forgot to lock up. If you pet him for too...
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    Brake Fluid and Diff every 2 yrs - Overkill?

    On my 2006 CR-V, Honda calls for brake fluid every 3 years, and Diff fluid every 90K/5yr (normal) and 60K/4yr (severe). Now, I'm a change the brake fluid every 2 years kind of guy (want that solid pedal feel and clean juice in there). Plus, I've read online about CR-V dual-pump fluid pooping...
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    AMSOIL XL now available in gallon jugs!

    Sort of silly, but I might just go Amsoil XL now that I can order gallon jugs online. I've been using M1 5W-20 which I've never seen in 'jug' form around here...opening all those quarts gets old.
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    Adjusted my parking brake, now my head hurts

    The parking brake on my relatively new CR-V was acting strange so I thought I'd adjust it per the tech manual (long story). The setup for the parking brake is a drum on the interior of the rear brake rotor (has rear disk brakes). It is non-self adjusting...there is a star wheel adjustment at...