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    Just Testing/Some Nature

    My crabapple in the yard: <img src="" alt=" - " />
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    Confused Why Does Changeover Timing to Synthetic Matter

    I just purchased a new WRX 2004. The only facts I know about it is a that break-in is 1000 miles. The first oil change listed is 3750 miles severe. I already violated the 4000 rpm rule in the manual on the test drive and on occasion now at 75 miles. (its very easy to surpass <img border="0"...
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    More Fram Stuff/Fram Filter Life

    I had Walmart change my oil. The manager stated they did not have any Fram's in stock at the time they changed my oil and were using another type. Apparently they did have a Fram as I have one installed, I saw some orange under my car with some gray on it....It does not worry me too much as I...
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    SuperTech Filter Life

    I tried searching but not great success. Anyway how long can a SuperTech last safely in your opinion. I'd like to use 6month/7500 mile OCI with Mobil 1 in a 203k mile 95 Civic in great running condition. Previously used 4-5k OCI dino with whatever filter (including Fram's).
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    Does anyone Change Oil More Often Due to High Miles

    Hi, I joined the rest and am currently trying Mobil 1. I want to extend the interval to at least 6k if not 7.5k miles. Given age of my 95 Civic and it has 203,000 miles should I stick to my usual interval of 4-5k miles (previously dino)? I am asking since the motor although it runs pretty...
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    mobil1 and assumed safe oci

    Hi all, I'm using Mobil1 and will probably stay with it considering I just spent $27.88 for a oil/filter change at Walmart. Apparently they use bottled oil and the choice is yours for whatever kind. I watched them shortly and they seemed professional as oil change people come.(I feel guilty but...
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    A golden Varnish, why care, asthetics?

    I hear a lot of people state the color of varnish or lack thereof on their engine. Why does this even matter? My 200k mile Civic has gold - dark tinge but mechanic (good one) who recently adjusted valves stated motor was very clean etc when cover was off. I use dino at 5k/interval.
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    Subaru calling cars "trucks"

    Subaru should be ashamed that they stretch fuel regs. to call car a truck to avoid fuel standards... <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Oils Analysis' are in the "Noise Floor"

    I don't believe this person was critizing anyone on this board. Just giving a point that the measurement comparisons are slight sometimes and that a broader difference should be used. The points given are probably valid in some context of this board.
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    Oil Color with newly Installed Mobil 10W-30 HD

    I took my car (200k mile Civic) in for the snow tire change and an overdue oil change (5500 miles on dino). The oil I checked a week before was quite dark (Mobil 10W-30 HD). Anyway the newly installed oil (also Mobil 10W-30HD) is also pretty darkish already, typically clear gold for first...
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    Why and where did change every 3000 miles come from?

    Is there anyone source that changing oil every 3000 miles came from or is this just advertising? The reason I ask is that no car I have ever owned has stated this length. My current car 3750 miles severe/7500 normal. My previous was every 6000 miles and prior the same. Was this an old school...
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    UOA and repeatability of results

    People put a lot of stock into what a UOA states. How accurate/repeatable are the result? I know this would cost twice the price, has anyone sent the same oil sample in twice over a short period to see repeatibility of results?
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    Oil Change Intervals by Manuf

    I read this forum with great interest and learn new things. But I have an observation, manufacturer's have oil change intervals based typically on dino oil with factors such as overall maintenance schedules, environmental factors and engine life. I see people stating that dino oil is not good...
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    Change Interval vs Age of Engine

    Currently, I own a 95 Civic EX(194,000 miles). Based on the manual recommendation I fall within the Normal conditions by far meaning change oil every 7500 miles. I typically have used 3750(Honda dealer) - 5000 miles (easy # for myself) using dino oil. The engine is in good condition and this has...
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    Any Actual FRAM failures?

    Has anyone actually heard of or experienced a FRAM filter failure? These filters are put down because of perceived or real construction issues. But I have never heard of anyone who uses them having a failure, some people religiously over a long period of years experience a failure. A side note I...
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    High Mileage Oil

    I have a car that some would consider high mileage (1995 Honda Civic EX 192,000 miles). It has had oil changes every 3000-6000 miles with dino oil except for a recent random one with Amalie Pro-synth blend 20W-50? The car has been maintain properly per Honda and has had no issues. It does...