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    First Riding mower - Help me out.

    Hey all, My wife and I just built a new home on 3/4 Acre of land that’s basically all flat except slight grade away from the foundation. previous home was on less than 1/4 of an Acre so I pushed mowed it with an AWD Husqvarna self propelled mower with a 6.5hp Briggs on it. Im looking at...
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    Insulating a 1.5 story bonus room.

    I’ve been building my own home the last several months. One of the things I actually enjoy the most is insulation and air sealing. I own a Minneapolis blower door setup and plan to get this 2568SF custom home to blow a 1ACH50. Ive attached pictures on how i decided to insulate my above garage...
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    Plumbing Costs - New Construction Home

    So I’m building a new home in northern Kentucky, right across the river from a historic Indiana river town. I’m in the process of taking bids for plumbing. Any plumbers here that can chime in on the rates I should be expecting? Most are quoting the job as a “per hole” (there are 19) price and I...
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    Kumho Road Venture AT51

    Thoughts on Kumho Road Venture AT51 truck tires? They are on sale for $124 each right now. Thinking about tossing my 40% tread wrangler SRAs as they are garbage in the wet. <a...
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    Valvoline Modern Engine 5w30 HTHS

    I contacted Valvoline to inquire about the HTHS of their VME formula 5w30 a couple days ago. The ME formula has and HTHS of 3.0cp for anyone who is curious as I was VME 5w30; KV100 - 9.8 KV40 - 55 VI - 165 HTHS - 3.0cp I have a ton of this from AZ clearance sales. Their VAS 5w30 has and...
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    Spray Detailer to Maintain/Top Ceramic Coating?

    We had our Tucson Ceramic Coated by a Detailer. It looks fantastic. Detailer said he would use P&S bead maker as a topper or I can use my usual FK425 Detailer. What do you guys prefer as a spray topper for a ceramic coated car? Or is this a waste of time and a bad idea? Car was Coated with...
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    265/65/18 Continental light truck tires?

    My 08' Silverado Z71 currently has Goodyear wrangler SRAs with about 40% tread. They are horrible even under light acceleration in the wet. I'm thinking of replacing them early. Looking at a couple Continental tires and possibly Cooper discoverer SRX. What are your guys experience with the...
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    Mobil 1 5w30 SN+ D1G2 VOA

    Sent off a sample to Blackstone on Vanilla M1 5w30 SN+ Looks good. I did notice the viscosity is lower than Mobil states on their PDS. I was surprised to see the viscosity @100c was 10.37cst rather than 11.0 5w30 version looks different than a previously posted 5w20 version here on BITOG...
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    Castrol Edge 5w30 A5/B5 - Influenced by Buster

    Originally I ordered some PP Euro 0w40 SN+ from When I went to pick it up it was the old SN formula so I didn't accept it. Lines were long at normal checkouts so I bailed on Wally World. Grabbed some lunch and read some BITOG. Ended up down a rabbit hole of M1 an Edge threads as...
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    Hyundai DCT Fluid

    Changing the DCT fluid in the next week on our newly purchased Hyundai Tucson. Should I used the Hyundai DCT Fluid? It seems the only other fluid that could possibly be used is Redline 70w DCT fluid.
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    Purchased Hyundai Tucson Limited

    Pulled the trigger on a used 26k mile Tucson Limited today. Picking it up tomorrow. It's a black on black unit with the 1.6T and the 7speed DCT AWD. Planning to change the rear diff fluid, transfer case fluid, and DCT fluid in the next week or so. Will update with photos soon. I'll link to...
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    SN+ 5w40 and 0w40 oils?

    What are some good options for SN+ 40wt oils? I've found 2 so far; cam2 5w40 SN+ and Amsoil SS 0w40 SN+ Any other good 40wt options for LSPI protection?
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    Newer To Us Compact SUV

    My wife and I have an appointment to look at a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited 1.6T AWD on Monday of next week. Vehicle is a 25k mile off lease 1 owner. Excellent Carfax with services performed at the dealer. Fully loaded with safety tech as well as leather, navigation, etc. I've done my homework...
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    Pennzoil Platinum 10w30 HTHS

    Anyone know the HTHS of PP 10w30 SN+? My local Meijer has been had it on clearance for a while @ $6.42 per 5 qt jug. Needless to say I have 6 jugs on hand. I'm just curious what the HTHS of the oil is. It's irrelevant for my applications, however I would like to know. Pennzoil PDS doesn't list...
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    Rental Review - 2019 EcoBoost Mustang

    I spent 8 days In Hawaii recently and we rented a "convertible" at the request of my wife. We were given a 4K mile 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang. 1. Interior All black leather with heated and cooled seats. Climate control. Decent quality seats and materials. There were some fitment issues with the...
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    Amsoil PC pricing?

    What is the price per quart for OE and 75w90 severe gear under preferred customer membership these days? Looking to get some gear oil soon. Several years ago I used to pay the dealer membership but dropped it as most of my friends and family who were into Motorsport racing gave it up and I...
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    Quick wash and FK1000P

    Performed a quick wash today. Initial wash with laundry soap as I used a leftover jug that I cut the top off of. Used what was left in the bottom to do an initial wash. Rewashed a second time with Rain X car wash. Dried of well and coated with FK1000P wheels and all. Will likely do a super...
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    Anything special about STJLR.03.5003?

    Being a nerd Ive been researching info on stjlr.03.5003 as my wife likes Land Rover Discovery Sports and it may be in the running as a potential replacement for our escape. Looking over oils I can find that meets the specs it appears that they aren't much different from a D1G2 oil. Are...
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    2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB

    I really like the look of the new Mercedes-Benz GLB series SUV. This may very well be our next vehicle. My wife loves boxy looking vehicles. What are your thoughts on the "baby G wagon"? <a...
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    Front Tire punctured At 65 MPH

    I was riding today to Indiana to visit family on my XSR900 and must have picked up a nail in the front tire. Lost all ability to lean at 65MPH, so I eased it down to a stop on the shoulder and found a fairly large hole in the center of the front tire I'm so impressed by how strong and stiff the...