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    What oil and filter for 2012 Hyundai Tuscon 4 cylinder in Florida

    It has under 13k miles, will be driven around town and infrequent highway driving. Mostly daily driver. In Central Florida.
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    New Hyundai Elantra tell me all I need to know

    I recently bought my mother in law a new 2019 Elantra, 2 liter auto base model. $16.9k out the door. What oil, filter should I use? What change interval? What about the transmission, when do I change its fluid and with what? Anything else I need to know? I want this to last and not have to...
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    Best filter cutter for the price?

    I would like a filter cutter for occassional use, what is the best bang for the buck?
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    Anyone use Dex 6 in 4l80 and have high miles on it?

    I have been considering switching to dex 6 in my 97 gmc 454 4l80. Anyone use dex 6 in theirs with positive or negative results? I change the fluid about every 15k with dex 3.
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    Anyone familiar with SBC oil filters? (Small block chevy)

    I used to know these, there are 4. A short, medium, long and extra long. Anyone know the numbers? Application 69 to 95 maybe higher 350 chevy, car or half ton, no oil cooler.
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    K&N silver black oil filters, great or marginal?

    I have seen the cut open videos online, they look solid however they don't publish any flow data or lifespan anywhere. Are they FU or M1 quality or lower?
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    Anyone into Drones? I want one and need advice

    I want a drone, basically to scout hiking areas and video when we head up north on vacation. Would like long run time, and ease of use with minimal computer skills needed. Budget under $1k. I know little about them, but I had RC cars and planes in my youth.
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    What would cause a broken valve spring? 454 vortec

    I bought a 97 suburban, 454 vortec 159k miles. It had a broken valve spring. PO changed the spring but the valve had dropped enough to hit the piston and bend, so no compression on that cylinder. I bought it so I would have a spare engine for my truck, since they are hard to find even as...
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    Are all synthetics good for 10k miles?

    I usually use M1 but picked up some supertech, valvoline and castrol, all synthetic. I run 9 to 10k oci with M1 and M1 filter. Are the other oils good for 10k miles also? They all seem to meet the same specs, and are really similiar. Also, is the M1 extended use 15k and annual protection...
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    OCI for 2002 tracker

    Its a daily driver for work, gets about 30k miles a year all stop and go in Florida, very hot here. Has 170k miles, 2 liter DOHC auto trans. I have been doing 10w30 mobil 1 HM oil and filter every 9k. Is this adequate? Should i go to 10k or lower? It burns and or leaks about 1 quart every...
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    Anyone have a good better best oil filter list?

    I like buying sale and clearance filters, but don't want to compare apples and oranges. Anyone have a good better best list? I know premium pretty well, like the M1, K and N and the gold fram, I think the Ford motorcraft and Wix are mid grade, but have trouble figuring out cheap from mid grade.
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    Synthetic oil and roller cam failure?

    I have a 98 GMC k2500 pickup with vortec 454. It was a warden government truck, never worked and had every 3000 mile conventional oil changes with 5w30 until I got it with 103k I ran M1 10w40 in it from then on, and used it to to a car trailer at highway speeds. I am in Florida so very hot all...
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    Oil recomendations 06 sebring 2.4 dohc auto

    I recently purchased an 06 sebring convertible, 2.4 dohc auto with 67k miles. I run M1 10w30 in all my cars, with a m1 filter for 10k miles. I would like to do the same with this one, however the owners manual says max 6k on oil. I am thinking this is because of the optional 6 cylinder which...