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    LPG OCIs?

    Have a 1998 Toyota Landcruiser which was converted to LPG a few years back prior to my ownership, changed the oil the moment I got it. It has been about 20k km already, and I can still see through the oil to the gratings on the dipstick, and possibly just ever so slightly darker. In my...
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    Need Help with Brakes

    Hi everyone, I will be changing brake pads and discs for the first time in my life on my father's Toyota Prado. I have already bought the discs and pads, but need some help regarding the applying of greases/antiseize/antisqueal/shims. The pads I bought are RDA EXTREMEs, which came with...
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    Testing Coolant Life

    Hi all, I have a Toyota MR2 which some may know is a PITA to change the coolant on. I bought the car quite recently, so I do not know when the coolant was last changed. I have read on various forums, including this one, that by measuring voltage drop in between the battery and coolant in the...
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    !-HELP-! Oil Capacity for 2004 Toyota Echo

    Mum has a 2004 Toyota Echo with 180 000 kms on it. was planning to change the oil today, but when I checked the dipstick, I found out that somewhere along the course of its 10 yr life, something happened and now, I have on my hands a broken dipstick. The dipstick is broken a fair way up, so...
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    Oil for 1998 Toyota MR2 w/ 3SGE Engine?

    Hiya everyone! First time posting so please go easy on me! Anyways, I bought a 1998 Toyota MR2 a few months back. Previous owner had obviously not taken good care of it, paint was in less than perfect condition and everything was dirty. Engine ran ok, no leaks. Oil was on the low end of the...