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    Saw a Yugo Today

    First time I've seen a Yugo in probably 25 years. It actually looked in very good shape. It was going the other way on a residential street, and I was stunned to see the little Y on the hood, and turned my head after it passed (I wasn't driving) and sure enough that's what it was. Appeared...
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    Replacing 15 inch wheels with 14

    I recently replaced a seventh gen civic with another one. The old was a VP model with 14 inch wheels. I have a set of snows on 14 steelies from the old car. The new one is an EX trim which comes with 15 wheels with the same bolt pattern. Is there any reason to expect any problems with using...
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    2003 Civic head gasket repair

    I recently bought a 2003 civic at a good price with about 165k on it that is in great shape. Of course it developed the head gasket leak that this generation is known for. Fortunately I caught it very early and it was just an external loss of coolant and the car never got to the point of...
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    DTD July 4 sale, best tire deal I ever got

    Bought a set of Cooper CS5 for my 2015 Civic, which is wearing out its mediocre OE Firestone tires. $77 per tire, $75 back from Cooper, $70 back from DTD, $60 back for using Discount's credit card. After rebate total delivered price equals $103 for 4 great tires, no sales tax. Local shop will...
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    Discount Tire credit card

    With the fourth of July sale coming up, they are offering unbelievable deals, especially if you use a Discount Tire credit card, which I don't have. I don't have a store in my state so I'll be be going through If you apply for the card and are accepted, do you have to...
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    Tire wear in hot weather, higher speeds

    I have H-rated Firestone Affinity (OEM tires) on my 2015 Civic. They seemed to wear very slowly during the spring, but now that we're reached a hot summer, they are wearing much quicker. I had 7 to 8/32 at 20,000 miles and am down to 3 to 4 at 30,000 miles. Regular rotations, wearing evenly...
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    Power steering noise?

    My 05 civic has just developed a whining / whirring noise. I suspect its related to the power steering, although I'm having no steering issues (yet). Fluid level is full. I suppose it could be either the pump or the belt driving it. It changes in pitch as the engine RPM's rise. If it were...
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    VTC Actuator problems showing up on 3rd gen. Fit

    A number of people are experiencing the actuator problem similar to that occurs in the K24 engine, as reported on fitreak. This engine is a DOHC 1.5. From my understanding, all of the DOHC variable valve timing engines from Honda are susceptible to this problem. Its really disappointing that...
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    Finally got my deer

    I have encountered 21 deer so far this year on the roads of Central Pennsylvania,several close calls, after having no encounters in 15 years. Number 21 was unlucky. Face plant right into my passenger side window. Horns scratched up the window, passenger door mirror broken off, door dented...
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    Crazy OCI using Honda maintenance minder

    I have a 2015 Honda Civic LX. I know it is often suggested to leave the factory oil in for a full normal OCI, particularly with Honda. I drive about 75% highway, and reasonably conservatively, but I traverse two mountains everyday. I got to about 6000 miles and the oil life finally dropped...
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    lLicense plate Frame

    I'd like to ditch the dealer frame on my 15 Civic and replace with a brushed stainless steel frame. Lots of them out there and a lot of variation in quality. Does anybody have any experience with a reputable and durable brand?
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    winter driving fun.

    Yesterday central Pennsylvania had a major ice storm. Just after I passed the top of a mountain and headed down a narrow two lane downhill stretch, I heard the familiar thump thump of a flat tire (2005 honda civic). A 1/4 mile later, there was finally a safe place to pull off the road.Sure...
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    Cause of tire noise

    Assuming no irregular tread wear, what causes some tires to get noisier with age? I have a set of Nitto snows on and they have suddenly gotten much louder, particularly left front. At first they developed a low buzz / hum, which I would kind of expect given the soft chunky tread pattern. But...