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    My error - used Toyota T-IV instead of Toyota WS

    Help! 2009 Lexus IS250 RWD. While doing transmission fluid change, I added 2.5 replacement QTs of Toyota T-IV instead of Toyota WS. Only drove 30 miles before realizing error. How do rectify this before doing damage to transmission ?
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    Kazuma 110cc Viper motorcycle - Oil help???

    I recently bought a Kazuma Viper 110cc mini moto from my kid to learn to ride on. Oil is pretty dirty and no owner's manual. Please help in what oil to use and where the filter is?
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    2009 Lexus IS 250 first oil change interval

    Just took delivery of Lexus IS 250. 60 miles on the ODO. manual states 5000 oil change interval. Should I wait till 5000 on the ODO to do the first Oil and filter change?
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    To all you HATERS

    I refuse to use Supertech OILS or Supertech FILTERS and I refuse to shop at WAL*MART also - so just go ahead and HATE ON ME.
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    Castro GTX 10/30 - How much is the Marketing Hype?

    Recently saw more Marketing cards at the oil change place for Castrol GTX - how much is this marketing hype compared to the less advertised oils such as Shell and Chevron Supreme ???
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    Philipps 66 - Trop Artic Synthetic Blend

    Why is everybody HATEING on this oil ???? What gives???
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    2006 Scion TC - Sahara Desert of Phoenix

    I have a 2006 Scion TC - live in Phoenix, Arizona. Lot of stop and go local driving and weekend highway jaunts around town <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/deadhorse.gif" alt="" />. Temp is above 100F now. What do you recommend for an oil and change interval? Thanks in advance.
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    Chevron Synthetic 10W-30 (Silver bottle)

    Does anyone have any experience with Chevron Synthetic 10W-30? Costco is carrying it in the Phoenix area for 19.99/6-quarts which is cheaper than Mobile 1
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    2006 Scion TC

    I need input from the Forum on oil recommendations for a 2006 Scion TC - mosty a 10 mile trip in traffic to and from work. Live in Phoenix - it is now 105F plus temps now. Thanks in advance. Car has 700 miles on the clock.
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    Castrol GTX High Mileage or Syntec Blend

    Pep Boys has both on sale for 1.99 this week -- which is the better formulation of the 2 for a 1996 Camry - 60k on the clock?
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    Supertech Blend -- Need Explanation

    I called a friend at WPP in Council Bluffs and he gave me the info on Wal-Mart Supertech Blend. The oil is a Group I and Group III mix with a Lubzoil additive package -- what does this mean to the common man unfamiliar with oil terms???
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    High Mileage Dino Oils

    What exactly is different in a high mileage oil versus a convential motor oil -- such as Chevron Supreme?
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    Chevron Supreme 10W-40

    What is the consensus on Chevron 10W-40 -- most people beat up on 10-40 weight oils here but Chevron is a good formulation and in the West Texas heat -- I am considering a little thicker oil than than the 10W-30 Chevron I am running now -- Checkers has it on sale again this week for .99/quart...
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    Supertech 10W-30 or 10W-40

    Warm weather here in West Texas is about 2 months away -- I run Chevron 10W-30 in my 96 Camry right now but it is getting harder to find at the local Wallyworld - anyone have any opinion about Supertech 10W-40. I am running a Supertech filter right now. Thanks.
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    Overfilled Transmission - 1996 Camry

    Slightly overfilled the Tranny on a 1996 Camry when changing the ATF recently -- used Chevron Supreme ATF -- dipstick reads about .24 inch above HOT level - am I going to do serious harm to my Tranny with this?
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    Pennzoil High Mileage - 10W-30

    What are the benefits of paying about 75 cents more for quart for a high mileage versus regular Pennzoil ?? or what are exactly the additives?
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    Supertech Synthetic oil - 10W-30

    I finally got through to Warren Distributing's lab today and they assured me that ST Syn is a Group IV oil -- at 2.99 a quart -- that is a bargain or do I get what I pay for?
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    Pennzoil oil filters - who makes them?

    Pennzoil oil filters -- are they any good and has someone cut one open?
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    1996 Camry Rear Diff Service?

    What is involved in servicing the rear differential of a 1996 Camry 4 cylinder sedan? Thanks in advance.
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    1996 Camry Transmission service

    I am thinking of doing a tranny service on my 96 Camry -- The tranny plug has a star type hole configuration on the plug -- waht tool do I use to remove it?