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    Are you driving the same car since 2010

    This question and issue has much more to do with personal and societal economic issues than it does with any specific vehicle or with philosophies regarding keeping older vehicles. Due respect to OP.
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    How important is color exterior/interior

    I won't buy a black car, impossible to keep from getting swirling and scratches. I prefer a light interior, as they seem less austere and more "cheerful", also easier to maintain I think.
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    Hail damage on the Accord

    I personally have never used a car cover, although I do use a windshield cover in the winter since I park outside, and it's been subjected to heavy sleet and ice. If the car cover allowed those chips to happen, that's one poor cover. Hail stones don't have razor sharp ends on them and...
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    random overheat

    Any updates on this? I'm still thinking head gasket.
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    They put #%&#@ Valvoline Dino in my Buick Encore!

    OP has nothing to worry about. Those oil change prices are a bargain, and I would stick with Maxlife, but either oil in question will do just fine with a reasonable OCI. MY 05 Civic still had a healthy engine at 310k miles living on VWB when other repairs on the car overcame it's value. Two...
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    Hail damage on the Accord

    I experienced awful hail damage on my first new car, 1984 Toyota Tercel. Baseball sized hail and stuck on I-70. The whole car was dented, but no paint chips. Paint was better back then. The car had lots of cosmetic issues after three poor repair jobs from a highly recommended shop. It...
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    Dorm life really worth the extra cost?

    I guess I had the best of both worlds. My parents lived 3 miles from campus, and allowed me to drive an old beater for free. I spent at least 16 hours a day on campus and only went "home" to sleep, so I got to experience the freedoms and benefits of campus life while not facing the cost of...
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    random overheat

    My 03 Civic displayed exactly the same symptoms (other than the no heat at idle), and passed all the tests, including the test on the coolant. Head gasket. You could drive it around town all day with no problem, but take it on the highway and when you exited, the coolant temp would take off.
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    what cat litter do you like

    Yesterday's News, made of recycled newspaper pressed into little pellets. Its much less messy than Tidy Cat and such. I made the switch after my cat got a little cut on the bottom of his paw. The vet said the Tidy cat stuff would get caught in the cut and cause an infection. I've stayed with...
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    The goodness of ordinary people; my Hades weekend

    I might have seen if the AAA guy or the workers could jumpstart your truck unless you were sure it wasnt the battery.
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    We lost an hour

    I hate the time change being this early. I get up for workout and work at 415 and this doesn't make it any easier. At when it's 30 degrees outside when I get home with snow still on the ground, the extra daylight does me no good. I wish we would just set the time in the middle and just keep...
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    Anyone using synthetic h20 in their radiator?

    What could go wrong? He mixes flammable hydrogen gas with oxygen, the second of three necessary ingredients for fire or explosion and the provides a source of ignition in the form of an electrical spark. No wonder its so expensive, quite hazardous to make. Good grief. This is maybe the...
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    Working around an intermittent draw

    Clever solution. Any chance there is a problem with the trunk illumination light. I had that problem on an old Civic. Also, could the owner try using a battery tender on the car to prevent the discharge from happening, although your way is just as good.
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    Garage picture with two of my Copart rides

    PA State Police most certainly are allowed to use radar for speed enforcement. Local forces currently are not, although many of them are petitioning for this to change and it likely will.
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    Medicine from China

    Which means they can and will make it as cheaply as they can get away with. Inspect all you want, it won't be sufficicent.
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    Medicine from China

    I would have a problem with it. The FDA is severely understaffed and relies mainly on self-reported data. Too many instances of problems with Chinese food and health products. I personally tested Tylenol and another generic store brand and the store brand did not meet USP specifications but...
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    Cell Phone Selection

    Of those two, I'd definitely go with the J7. The J3 only has 1.5 GB of RAM, not really enough,has a weaker prpcessor, a too small battery. All that isn't worth saving 50 bucks.
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    32% of used car trade ins are underwater

    I didn't understand that either, buy from further reading it sounds like they expect a large number of these loans to go into default with the lenders not getting their money back
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    What happened to rust proofing?

    I think corrosion resistance is much better now that 30 years ago, but cars still will rust eventually, especially in road salt areas. I think a big factor is most people don't keep cars for more that 5 years or so, and almost any vehicle will go that long without rusting, even if largely...
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    ETCG Q&A With Valvoline Engineers

    Sodium would be considered ash. Ashless would have to be an organic compound (such as the ester you mentioned).