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    PCV and Oil Catch Can

    Many people believe PCV design is one of the major factors that cause excessive oil consumption in a Gen-3 Prius after 150K miles. This excessive oil consumption results in EGR circuit clogged up. One proposal is to add an oil catch can. In a normal placement, the oil catch can is placed after...
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    Why do some cars call for 5W20, not 0W20?

    There are numerous discussions on 5W20 vs. 0W20 motor oil. It seems to me that the common consensus is that 0W20 is better than 5W20 for engine lubrication, at least not worse, for oils of the same brand. What has puzzled me is why some cars (slightly older models) call for 5W20 in their user's...
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    Oil Suitable for Use after Sitting in A Car for Over A Year?

    Right after oil change (SuperTech 0W20), my 2012 Prius has been parked in the garage since last May, except 30 minutes idle every 3 weeks. I plan to drive it this summer. On one hand, I know the safest way is to "follow the Owner's Manual and change the oil every 10,000 miles / 12 months". On...