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    The Honda V6s have the 3,750/7,500 mile changes. The Honda I4s have the 5,000/10,000 recommendations. Henry
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    Honda Japan Oil Spec.

    What I found most interesting is that Honda Japan does not even show an xw-20 as an option for the 2.4 litre engines, which were introduced in the 03 US models. Now, in the US, those engines show 5w-20 as the ONLY acceptable oil. And in Japan 10w-30 is shown as fine down to -20C. Henry
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    Honda Japan Oil Spec.

    I hadn't checked for a year or so, so I took a look at the Honda Japan Digital Owner's manual for the Accord. It's mostly unreadable, but if you scroll down you can see that they would seem to be allowing viscosities up to 5w-40 in Japan for the 2.4 litre engine. So it goes. Henry
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    New Honda 2002 Si with Oil question(s)

    The Honda owners manual says synthetic is ok to use. The Honda web site says, before making the first oil change, to leave the factory fill in for the correct milage or time based on normal or severe service. So, as long as you leave the factory fill in for, at a minimum, the number of miles or...
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    Honda oil--any good?

    Don't know if it's any good. But it's made by Exxon Mobil. Here's the text of a letter, found on the web, from Exxon Mobil. <> Attention ExxonMobil Distributor: ExxonMobil Corporation is pleased to announce the...
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    0 W-20 oil: What models?

    At the moment only the Insight uses 0w-20, and the Honda brand 0w-20 is made by Mobil. <a href="" target="_blank">Honda 0w-20</a>
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    Why Is Europe Using 5w-40 Oils So Much?....

    carl97ss -- re Japanese cars and viscosity. Go here: <a href="" target="_blank">Honda Japan Accord 2002 Digital Owners Manual</a> Scroll down the page and and note the recommended viscosities: 5w-30, 10w-30, and 5w-40. But no...
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    Question about Schaeffers blends

    Bob, I'm sure this was overlooked, but it would be interesting to have the answer to Scott's question about the base oil in Supreme 7000. Is it a group II+? Thanks, Henry
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    Group III Synthetics

    Bror -- I would guess that they kept the price at $4+ because, well, they make more money and because I think that they might actually lose market share if the price were lower. In marketing, items can command a premium price based on mind share alone; many times a price differential is not in...
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    Group III Synthetics

    I don't get upset about the PAO vs. group 3 issue, what is and what isn't synthetic. Given the better margins in a group 3 "synthetic", I want to know if any company has used the savings to put together a really superior additive package to go with the group 3 base stock? Or is it just business...
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    Group III Synthetics

    Johnny, thanks for the welcome, and the kind words about the Bull City. I understand your point (and your bias) that, by controlling all aspects of the process, Pennxzoil makes a superior Group III product. In other posts you have noted that standard Pennzoil is Group II+, which makes me go off...
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    Group III Synthetics

    Now that alll of the over the counter synthetics except Mobil 1 seem to be group IIII, my question is: which ones have the best additive packages? Everyone has loved to hate Castrol for their scamming the word synthetic, but it seems no one's hands are clean now. So, how good are Castrol...