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    Short filter?

    PF46E is OE. Lawn mowers use car sized oil filters. One of my riding lawn mowers takes a honda filter and the other a toyota d3/g2
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    Whipple supercharged 2017 5.3 silverado

    Cool supercharger! If it was mine, I would probably try 5w30. Do used oil analysis, monitor oil temp, etc.
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    Redline Mt-85 gear oil viscosity

    I drive a 2009 scion TC five-speed and I have Redline MT-90 in it. The current fill has about 3 years and 25,000 miles on it. I really like the fluid and it still feels good shifting. Gear oil does not have to feel super thick in the bottle or in your hand to be very good quality. If my memory...
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    2015 Toyota Yaris 5w30 recommended

    When I worked at the Toyota dealer, we only had three oils in stock to use: 0w16, 0w20 (TGMO synthetic), and 5w20 (bulk conventional). If a car came in that took 5w30, we looked at the work order if the customer wanted synthetic or conventional.
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    Oil for Toyota 1MZ-FE sludge engine?

    With your oil consumption of one quart every 500 miles, it probably won't matter. I would just use whatever oil is on sale (ie most economical).
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    Why do some cars burn one oil brand but not another?

    This is only anecdotal, but I have experienced it, also, when I tried different brands. It does not mean one brand is better than another; only, one brand did better for you during one OCI. The most important part is checking the oil level, which 99% of people can't even pop the hood.
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    C55 AMG - Oil recommendations for Track usage?

    Are you interested in trying VR1 20w50? If you are trying to cut down on consumption, I would recommend maxlife in 10w40 or 20w50, or perhaps Mobil1 high mileage 10w40. I realize none of these oils meet MB spec, but you have already tried MB spec'd oils and they are getting burned off.
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    Odyssey oil burner...what oil?

    I would highly recommend a VCM muzzler, change the plugs & PCV if needed, and change the oil at 50% on the olm. High mileage oils are really good. My preference is Valvoline Maxlife. Whatever brand you choose, just move up a weight each oil change until you get to a consumption rate you can live...
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    Is there an PCMO that you said you'd never buy again.

    For conventional oil, I will only use 'top-tier' name brands like Pennzoil, Castrol, or Valvoline. For synthetic, does it matter?
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    1ZZ-FE with 204k miles switch to synthetic motor oil?

    I highly recommend Maxlife. I have used it in my oil burning 2az-fe with great results.
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    M1 HM vs VML

    I prefer Valvoline, but if you do not consume any oil, you will not notice a difference between brands. I bought my scion used (2az-fe known oil burner through piston rings). I tried Mobil1 AFE 0w20, Euro 0w40, and HM 5w20 (each with a 3k mile OCI). I used approx. one quart of oil every 1,500...
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    Castrol Edge EP vs M1 EP vs Valvoline ME

    I've had better luck with Valvoline over Mobil1, but I've only ever driven worn out, second-hand economy cars. If I had a brand new car, then I would run Mobil1 from day 1. No experience with Castrol, and no desire to fill up at a BP station or pay for Castrol since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
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    Oil Recommendation 2020 GR Supra (Z4 har har)

    To me, it seems difficult to find any European rated 0w20 (like VW 508 or BMW LL14FE+). If you are DIY, then you might want to try a 0w30, 5w30, 0w40, or 5w40 with an older BMW spec like LL-01 or LL-04.
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    Silicone rubber valve cover gaskets?

    it doesn't matter what it's made of. If the valve cover gasket leaks, go ahead and replace it. OE part is probably the best. Name brand aftermarket also works.
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    Running 40 PSI vs 35

    I run 40-42 PSI cold inflate for my car. My tires have to be at least 30 PSI to keep the light of the dash. The sidewall of my tire says do not inflate beyond 51 PSI.
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    2016 Honda Pilot 0W-20 Spec

    0w20 is good. Any name brand full synthetic will do. I would read up on VCM if your car has it. You may want to consider a VCM disabling device.
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    Moving up to 5w30. How thick is too thick?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by kschachn</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The only time an oil is truly "too thick" is when the winter rating is inappropriate for the starting conditions and cannot be pumped.</div></div> So true. This is apples and...
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    More M1 changes

    Yes, the different product lines make things confusing. Major companies are looking to serve new (invented) market segments. How many people drive 20,000 miles in a year? I thought the average driver goes 12,000 miles per year. How many people would be better served by changing their oil only...
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    Conventional Oil Benefits

    If your car takes conventional oil, there is nothing wrong with using it. The article is crap, though.
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    General thoughts on high milage oils.

    I have had really good results in the past with Maxlife, significantly better than other high mileage brands. My first car was a used '91 Acura Integra that burned 1 quart every 500 miles. I tried many different brands in that car. The best results were with semi-synthetic Valvoline Maxlife; the...