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  1. NSC

    Filthy oil, noisy lifters - cleaning procedure?

    To save space I will be very concise - please don't mistake this for rudeness! Picked up a Chevy Tracker for my daughter, sweet deal. 130k, engine runs ok. PROBLEMS Excessive blow by, low power. Oil is dirty despite being changed < 2k miles ago. A clicking from under the valve cover...
  2. NSC

    Doesn't smell like Merc V

    Just obtained a Mazda Tribute (Ford Escape) in great shape with a solid motor. Only tran history I can confirm from the VIN is it was "replaced" 40k ago. Inspection reveals the tell-tale markings it's not new rather most likely a rebuild. The shop that did the work has poor records, but says...
  3. NSC

    Ford "shudder" - unknown service history

    Just acquired an 05 Explorer, and it has what appears to be the torque converter shudder. Otherwise it runs and shifts just fine. 202k miles, and I do not know the service history. What's the best way to make the decision of whether or not to do a fluid service? Is there any way I can make...
  4. NSC

    Fluid/Filter change ruined everything??

    I've done the typical pan drop, new filter and fluid change at least a dozen times on Fords thru the years. This has never happened, and it's urgent. Drove into the garage, dropped the pan, cleaned the magnet and put on a new filter, replaced the pan, and topped up with about 5q of fluid. (Used...