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  1. Ashraf Jaafar

    Amsoil OE 5w30 for one year interval

    Hello everyone, I have a question, it seems to be silly, but it is important to me , my mother has a Kia sportage 2016 with 2.0 engine , she asked me to change the car oil , after six months after last oil change, she insisted on that as the car owner manual recommended ( 6000 km/ six months)...
  2. Ashraf Jaafar

    Liqui Moly engine oil reliability

    Hello , I am considering a box of Liqui Moly special tec aa 5w30 synthesis technolog, because I got good discount on it, but still wondering is this brand reliable in term of engine protection and long OCI , is it good engine oil that can be compared with amsoil or Valvoline etc.., in my...
  3. Ashraf Jaafar

    5w30 in Corolla 2019

    Hello , I know that this is a common question, recently I used Liqui Moly special tec aa 5w30 in my Corolla 2019 le engine that in the car manual specified with 0w20 or 5w20, the reason for doing this because I have five liters of Liqui Moly in my garage, but what surprised me that the same...