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    Oil recommendation for 2012 VW Passat TDI

    Gonna do my first change on the GFs TDI. So help me not mess this up. From what I have read I need a 507.00 spec. Looks like M1 ESP 5/30 will work, as well as Castrol Edge 5/30. I'm kinda partial to oil I can buy at Wal Mart. Any help appreciated.
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    Recommendation for BMW manual gearboxes

    I maintain (2) manual transmissions in my BMWs. A Getrag built 5 speed in a 94 325is and a ZF built 6 speed in an 09 135. I believe both call for an ATF. I have used various fluids in the 5 speed, Redline MTF, Redline D4ATF, and Mobile One Synthetic ATF. I currently have the Mobil One in both...
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    John Deer LA 105 Oil Recomendation

    Its that time of year, when the mowing season is over and I change the oil in my equipment for the winter. I have a John Deer riding lawnmower, and a Toro push mower. I have been using Mobil One 5/30 in both with no issues, but I wonder if this is the correct oil. Thanks in advance for any...